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Play with Sizes, Make a Style Statement

What happens when you plan to change the wallpaper in your interiors? While the most common method chosen by almost everyone is change of colors, Frédéric Bonnin and Cécile Figuette of Paris design studio Minakani decided to play it the other way round, to present this Animals wallpaper. The duo covered a nursery with their wallpapers that features a graphic treatment for the walls, with simple animal figures that look cute. With the sheer increase in size, and the figures in a large scale, the wallpaper looks more like art, or rather, blown-up art.

Although varied hues look good in wallpapers, this collection brings to you an altogether different feel without the use of much color. The large scale used for the wallpaper graphics ensure that other challenging patterns can be used in the same rooms without making the wall treatment too busy. Do you find this idea appealing?

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