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Open Bath Design is a Different, Unique Idea

This open-bathroom idea looks great and refreshing. The bathroom features a big rainfall shower head that’s noteworthy. The floors are painted white throughout that look lovely and elegant, and the brilliant double French glass doors let in all of the light that naturally illuminates the whole bathroom.

Open Bath Design

On the whole, the idea is awesome. The main feature of the creative design is the shower open at either end with one of the walls working as the backsplash for the pedestal sink. Above the sink is a space dedicated for the bathroom requirements and the like, which is further covered up by a mirror. Inside the shower, the floors and wall are done with pebble mosaic on the walls. The pebble mosaic flooring gives it a spa-like feel and gives a relaxing environment. A nice bath at this place is as much refreshing as it looks, with all its elegant designing and interior decoration. Isn’t this a wonderful design?

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