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Shipwood Furniture Made of Recycled Wood

Get aboard the ship: here’s your chance to actually get a feel of the ship without getting sea sick! Well, not in the literal sense maybe, but this collection of sustainable furniture designed by LDK and made from recycled ships is definitely worth a try. The furniture creatively unifies the old and the new seamlessly, offering an attractive combination of clean, high gloss white exteriors and the contrasting, dark, weather-beaten wood retrieved from traditional Chinese fishing and river boats.

The unique appeal of the furniture pieces lies in the fact that the imperfections in the wood are not only visible, but embraced as a style statement. The collection includes sideboards, low and high cabinets, chairs, benches, and a dark bookcase with an open back and slanting, slatted shelf dividers. Each Shipwood furniture piece includes a golden plaque that indicates the age and origin of the wood used to create it.

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