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Openbox Lake House Stands Tall in the Thai Woods

Located in Kaoyai, Nakornratchasima, Thailand, this single storey house is designed by Openbox Company. The project was completed in 2010 and the building is situated on the edge of a man-made lake, near to Kaoyai National Park. The location of the project has been selected to take the full advantage of scenery from everywhere inside the house and to maximize privacy. The plot is a little sloppy towards the lake, which adds to the beauty of the locality.

Resting in the midst of abundant greenery, the house looks fabulous from one end of the curved road that leads to the site. Large timber panels are used to line the wall and that adds to the vibrant look of this massive architecture. Glass panels are provided to give you an unobstructed view of all the beautiful scenes around. Overhangs are provided to protect the glass from rain and sun. Wherever timber is used, it is teak to prevent termite attack. Being located in the forest, the main setbacks are humidity and maintenance. However, reinforced concrete is used to reduce the occurrence of maintenance.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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