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Modern and Bold – volumetric half white half red cedar Maison P+C

Located in Indre, France, this fabulous residential construction you are about to enjoy was nicknamed Maison P+C. A beautiful dream home, the villa was designed by French team of Atelier Alassoeur Architecture. They imagined a home that could be easily integrated in the surrounding traditional residential area. The 326 square meter floor plan includes the two floors – the upper floor offers views to the South and the downstairs space, separated into large, open living spaces.

The red cedar-cladded upper volume slightly cantilevers over the lower pure white volume to offer a small shaded terrace. On top, the flat roof provides the inhabitants with the choice of planting different vegetation that will enlarge the total surface of the garden and provide natural insulation while protecting the interiors from solar gain. Home automation controls the whole house and the inhabitants could not be happier with their home.


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