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PC Hooftstraat Apartment in Amsterdam Exudes Grace and Elegance

The majestic PC Hooftstraat Apartment has its interiors designed by architects at Amsterdam-based Studio Hofman Dujardin. The 1,500 sq. ft two-bedroom duplex apartment situated in Amsterdam has been, in fact, marvelously renovated in a manner that exudes grace and elegance. The open-plan layout of the high ceiling living room, kitchen and side rooms makes it look extra spacious. In the two rooms, the cabinets in white gloss are placed appealingly.

Located near the centre of the living room, is the cooking area, made from solid Corian in Cameo White. The extractor fan has been integrated in the cooking island, making space for the stunning ‘Dear Ingo’ Lamp from Ron Gilad directly above. On the upper floor are two bedrooms and a bathroom. The bathroom has three mighty elements that make it top-notch:  a 2.4 x 2.6m glass plate, a freestanding bath, and a Corian sink unit. Topping it all is the elegant staircase that links the master bedroom with the terrace.

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