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Luxury and Comfort Join Hands Here

Don’t you love some originality in your dwelling place? Walk by this cool renovated Scandinavian apartment and you will want that more. You are definitely going to love this! The cool apartment occupies an entire floor of an almost 100-year-old building at Gothenburg in Sweden. Now, let us get inside and walk around. The apartment has high ceilings – at a height of about 3.3 meters and has well-maintained stucco, high windows and bay windows too. The cultural and traditional elements of the old building have been preserved well with utmost originality, but renovated in modern style.

The apartment consists of three rooms and kitchen with a living area of 147 square meters, using maximum space available. If you are a party-freak, you will be happy with the kitchen that sports a wide space, where you can arrange parties and other family events. The bedrooms provide wide spaces, while there is a terrace adjacent to one of the bedrooms. At the heart of the apartment lies the living room with an approximate area of 35 square meters. Windows, doors and other ventilations provide maximum daylight and fresh air to get in and the home décor of the apartment is stunning. Copy this when you redo your living space.

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