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Themed Rooms for Kids: Decorating a Child’s Room by Using a Theme

Don’t you want everything to be perfect for your child? Then you better have some ideas about decorating your child’s room to start with. As always we are glad to help with some basic ideas to put together the perfect room for your little one.

What does your child like the most is the first question you would want to ask yourself. Is he a big man who is into strong stuffs like firefighting or does he like things calm and quiet? Is your girl a little princess a fun loving kid who likes flowers and stuffs? Once you are decided on that, consider the themes below and pick the one that best fits your child’s character.

You can go for a firefighter theme, with red dominating the room and a fire truck inspired cot which can be used in different ways. A Scottish Castle inspired theme is another option if your son is more like a little prince.

Go for a whole lot of pink and roses if your girl is a little princess. Bring in that grandeur and use the space wisely.

You can get things simple with a puppy inspired theme, not using very loud colors, probably cream and white, and of course puppy images on the wall and maybe the pillows.

Sea inspired theme is also a safe option, blue does all the job. Your kid wants more colors? Then opt for the jungle theme with green walls and cuddly animals to give company.

Go artistic with ample use of different colors and simple shapes. Or go floral, with a bug inspired theme with yellow, red and green. Colors are always there to help you out.

You know your child best. Have fun decorating your child’s room, the kid will definitely love it.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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