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Sophisticated modern Downtown Apartment in Zagreb

Croatian architecture studio Dva Arhitekta d.o.o. designed a fantastic modern residential space – the Downtown Apartment in Zagreb. By merging two small apartments into a big one and completely redesigning the interiors, the talented architects managed to create a flexible and contemporary collection of spaces. A sophisticated detail is the focal point of the living space – double doors in the middle of a glass wall between the rooms are reminiscent from back in the days when rooms were salons used for diverse daily activities, with clear boundaries between them.

Nowadays, the space is open and flows natural, challenging the inhabitant to keep an open mind about the space and use its versatile features as a social gathering space. The other spaces are just as spectacular – a sophisticated entrance hall, a large and comfortable master bedroom, modern cooking, dining and living spaces and incorporated laundry room, dressing room and pantry.


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