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Amazing Melting Chair Mirrors Surrealism

Amazing! That’s what we would love to call this. The Melting Chair, with its stunning looks, is one of the unique chairs ever made. Peculiar in looks and build, the Melting Chair has a design that mirrors everything around it and adds a unique deformed vision to them. The chair has been made after a detailed study on how real objects melt. The outcome of an innovative idea from designer Philipp Aduatz, the chair’s mirrors will make it difficult for the owner to find an apt place to keep it! That also means its real beauty will come to the fore only when it is kept in a place with elegant surroundings.

Made of scratch-resistant polyurethane lacquer with a special silver coating, the Melting Chair captures a transient transformation within a sculptural object. The designer is said to have studied deep into the solidification of fluids, the melting of solids and also modern 3D animation software to give the new chair a surrealistic look. Go and grab it now as the chair is being offered in limited numbers.

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