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Tahoe Ridge House Draws Inspiration from the Unique Architectural Culture Around

We invite your attention to this marvelous house situated in a semi-urban locale of the US. Christened the Tahoe Ridge House, this residence was designed by WA Design Inc and is located in Tahoe Donner, 15 miles from Lake Tahoe, California. This striking architecture is a result of a contemporary theme conceived to match the regional terrain and design rooted to the neighboring settings of Tahoe area. The design is believed to have been inspired from the unique architectural culture of this region. The Tahoe area typically consists of mining and stamp mill structures, whose reflection can be easily traced in the Tahoe Ridge house.

You will also notice the characteristic vertical elongation of many exterior formations in the Ridge House, which suitably match with the mountains in the background. This owes much to the key design uplift, considering the horizon of the mountains of Nevada to the north, to Tinker’s knob and the Sierra Crest to the south. A look closer will tell you that the house has a floor plan that sprawls across two orthogonal axes and ascends upright to the north to the study and main bedroom. No doubt, you will love this apartment if you are looking at spending your winter here.

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