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Music Sets the Tone Here

The inhabitants’ passion for music has set the tone for this extraordinary house. To accommodate this intimate inclination of the inmates, a wide room with high ceilings was designed to place three Steinway pianos – including a concert-grand piano – and the room is spacious enough for small musical ensembles, such as duos, trios or quartet.

The Santa Amaro House displays a pretentious contemporary architecture beautified by subtle details found in all the rooms – the living room, den, main bedroom, guest suites, the dining room and kitchen.

The couple living here has grown children who no longer live with them, but often visit, so all the space was designed to custom-care for their needs. Surrounded by a quiet residential area, the house gradually shows its bold architecture and invites everyone inside, into a bright, comfortable and modern collection of spaces.

Architect Isay Weinfeld designed the residence as the perfect home for its owners. Over 13,700 square feet is occupied by living spaces, entertaining rooms and private quarters.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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