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The 100° bed – modern, comfortable, interactive and minimalist

Some designers can think of some pretty amazing stuff. By combining versatility and comfort, modern design lines and exceptional quality, designer Christian Spiess created a contemporary looking bed with a useful feature – its parts can be used to create numerous design changes according to your necessities.  The 100° bed was inspired by the artist’s desire to create a comfortable piece of furniture that can accommodate the growing need for interaction with the surrounding objects.

The bed frame display a modern appearance, but it is the 3 wooden boards that help the client interact with the bed, creating the possibility of using them as a backrest, a visual separation or a wall by sliding them between the two structural boards of the bed frame. This makes it possible for the bed to be even placed in the middle of the room. The interesting thing is that this bed is very simple, but the concept behind it is genius.

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