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Minimal Paper Accent Lamps from Fine Art Printing Paper

‘Lead kindly light’ and ‘Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya’ (Lead me from darkness to light) are two quotations which few might not have heard of. That explains the paramount place lamps have in our daily life. For proper enlightenment, lamps need not be that swanky or ornamental. Simplicity often proclaims the firm behind these lamps. Here are a few lamps, which are the products of deep meditations on how the smallest bit of ornamentation can change a mood — from light to shadow or shadow to light.

These minimal paper accent lamps are made from fine art printing paper, cut and finished to fit over a simple base of natural cedar and secured with a ribbon. Flicca lamps are available in two versions, naturally-finished paper and a matching subdued gold ribbon, or bleached Japanese print paper with red ribbon. A 25W bulb is also included, so it works right out of the box. Secure these lamps; and flood your life with light.

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