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Alluring summer reminiscent Acapulco Chair by Ocho

Thinking about summer days will be more and more part of our daily routine once the autumn comes. This Acapulco chair designed by Ocho can enhance the feeling of a late summer and create a dazzling feeling of comfort once you take a seat. The designer combined ancient Mayan weaving and innovative iron fashioning to create a valuable design that induces a feeling of respect for its design and background.

Originally designed in Mexico in the 1950s, the Acapulco Chair was inspired by comfortable woven hammocks in the place that also inspired its name. It is said that an unknown French tourist was the one who first designed the chair, inspired by the comfortable strings and alluring seating position of the hammocks. Hand crafted by local craftsmen using local raw materials, the Acapulco Chair is made of a UV protected vinyl cord on a powder coated galvanized steel frame. Stoppers on the legs protect the floor and the chair can be used both indoors and outdoors.


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