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Youthful Ollie and Otis Chairs by Melanie Porter

The comfortable feeling of remembering our childhood comes every time an object displays a youthful and playful design. Today we would like to present a beautiful chair duo that can only be described as a simple and effective way of staying in touch with your inner child. The Ollie and Otis Chairs by Melanie Porter were designed to bring back memories and anchor these thoughts into our modern everyday life.

Both chairs express the need for a youthful and cheery addition to a space, allowing the owner to enjoy both their simple, unpretentious shape and the colorful seating areas and backrests seamlessly adjoined. The classic 1950’s school chairs feature glossy red painted legs that support a brightly coloured stripe padded seat. Made out of 100% Merino wool, the seats are as comfortable as they look. Use one or many to adorn your kids room or even create an interesting colorful effect in a school or daycare. Aren’t they cute?


100% Merino wool

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