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Stockholm Wooden House is as Eco-friendly as it Can Get

A wooden house is a rarity these days.  However, if you see this Stockholm-located building made in wood near the Baltic Sea, you will be amazed. Swedish studio Schlyter/Gezelius Arkitektkontor has constructed the house under chief architect Camilla Schlyter. Once you enter the building, you will see large folding doors at the front, all decked to the terrace shaded by folding fabric canopy. The house is fully covered with larch, made in stripped patterns by the local carpenters. The pine-framed building has walls lined with stucco and rounded edges. You can get to the first floor with large windows via a timber staircase in the central kitchen and dining room. It also has an air-heat pump system.

Wooden house by Schlyter.5jpg

The woodland house is so smartly built that before and after construction, no harm has been done to the environment. This structure assures protection from the wind and allows sunlight to reach inside. The eco-friendly house is made of different types of wood and has a thin metal layer atop the roof. The house surrounded by trees has been designed with digital tools.

Wooden house by Schlyter.jpg.2

Wooden house by Schlyter.11jpg

Wooden house by Schlyter.10jpg

Wooden house by Schlyter.9jpg

Wooden house by Schlyter.8jpg

Wooden house by Schlyter.7jpg

Wooden house by Schlyter.6jpg

Wooden house by Schlyter.4jpg

Wooden house by Schlyter

Wooden house by Schlyter.jpg.3

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