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Castlewood Manor in Telluride Brings to You a Historic Feeling

In the mountain village of Telluride, surrounded by snowcapped peaks you will find a vast estate named Castlewood Manor. The 17,300 square foot house consists of living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, a master kitchen and more spaces. The single family home in Colorado is perfectly made as you can see fully furnished rooms including two extensive private antique collections of Stained Glass and Western Photography. The masterful estate inspired by the Great American Lodge Era will be completed by 2011.

You can find three separate entrances for the building – the Hot Springs and Spa rooms, the Guest House and the Main House. The big mansion, separated by three family compounds, is linked mutually with each other. The mansion includes ten bedrooms and three sleeping lofts. In the interior, you will also find a big 2000+ bottle wine cellar, sumptuous grotto and an extravagant theater. The full outdoor kitchen facilities and an outdoor gas powered fire-pit will allow you to enjoy the vast estate. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of Sari Juan Mountains and can go to the Telluride Ski Resort, which is one of the finest skiing terrains on earth. You can reach this $23,900,000 incredible house within five minutes from the Telluride Airport.

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