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Sanctuary House in Denmark Will Make You Crave for It

It’s indeed a treat to watch Dr Claus Moeller’s astonishing $10 million house. The modern home located at Danish Riviera is at the top of a grassy slope at Humlebaek in Denmark. The incredible residence has been built by Carsten Fischer, the principal architect of Henning Larsen. The 5,404 square foot house sporting gabled twin copper roofs overlooks the beauty of the Oresundstrait and the Swedish isle of Hven. The two-story house consists of seven bedrooms, a white walled furnished kitchen, living rooms with a Boley fireplace and a dining room. A path paved of smooth, rectangular slabs of gray-blue granite leads to the main entrance.

Opening the door you will find a modern steel-and-oak staircase partitioning the house into east and west portions. Natural light flows inside the room and reflects from the white plaster walls and the Dinesen oak floors. A narrow corridor made of floor to ceiling glass windows offers a light-filled space between the bedroom and the kitchen in the first floor enclosed with paved stones. The upper floor packs more bedrooms, an upstairs living room with pale, angular Cappellini furniture. The downstairs houses a home theater and a 9.5 x 16- foot Gibson screen is his son Alexander’s domain. Not fully complete, the building also features a wine cellar, a fitness center, a custom-designed Jacuzzi, and an 82-foot lap pool, both lined with polished local granite and illuminated with skylights.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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