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Conical Pup Tent for indoor use – modern pet furniture

The Pup Tent should be considered exceptional modern furniture for your pet: a tent-like structure with two holes: one for the entrance and another one at the top, for ventilation. Trying to explore the material and offer a new shape to shelter our most valued pets, Slade Architecture created the Pup Tent for the Design Trust for Public Spaces Annual Auction.

The request to create a nest-inspired shelter that would fit in a taxi led to the opportunity of designing the Pup Tent. The modern indoor dog lounge is designed to display a contemporary shape while offering the inhabitant a comfortable and cosy place to rest. Plywood was cut with water jet and then laminated and brought to a conical shape. Smooth exterior finishes were acquired by sanding the tent, while the interior “maintains the stepping configuration characteristic of the plywood lamina.”

An exterior pattern is created from the conical shape given to the plywood – adding character and depth to the overall design. Both the interior and exterior of the Pup Tent feature a beautiful pattern and by the time your dog will occupy one of these, you will want one in larger size for yourself.


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  • wow, this is a unique design. a cone-shaped for our pets,,,

  • I love this for the pets, I wonder if they will like it though!

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