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Fabulous New York loft livened with light and colour

Modern apartments in New York are exceptionally beautiful when enhanced by the city’s lights. When you add a little bit of colour to the interiors, you risk having a home so perfect, that you wouldn’t want to leave it.

The apartment you are about to see features a fresh, open plan interior adorned with colours and art. Following a creative path, the apartment was designed with light and non-redundant colours, as an expression of fulfilment and comfort. Huge windows flood the living and dining area, reaching all the way to the kitchen in the back. All walls were embellished with art that accentuate the cheerfulness of the bright space. Each bedroom tells the story of the inhabitants – the couple’s influence in the master bedroom and the child’s play in the kid’s room. This pink bedroom is personalized according to the girls’ personalities, but you could get inspired with a few ideas we featured on how to paint the kids bedroom. A cheery bathroom designed in yellow and green on a white background can easily be changed to any colour combination you can think of.

We found this apartment on DigsDigs and, unfortunately, we don’t know who the designer is. If you recognise the apartment or the style, please tell us who the creator of this fabulous place is in the comments below.

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