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ESPA Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong by Hirsch Bedner Associates, Highest Spa in The World

The ESPA Ritz-Carlton International Commerce Center (ICC) is the highest spa in the world re-defining the urban spa experience. It was designed by global design firm HBA / Hirsch Bedner on the 116th and 118th floors. It creates an urban escape in the skies and makes ESPA the focal point of the city’s skyline and the jewel atop Hong Kong’s crown of lights.

Here’s more about it:

Those who indulge in the 10,000 square foot ESPA have the unique opportunity to view Hong Kong from above including exquisite views of Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong Island and the New Territories. The Ritz-Carlton spa by ESPA is more than 1,000 feet above the frenetic streets of Hong Kong. Guests simultaneously feel attached to the city with the breathtaking views, but yet totally insulated from the hustle and bustle below. To allow guests to feel “cocooned among the clouds”, HBA planned spaces without any sharp corners. All edges are rounded and the walls themselves are curved as in a protective embrace.

“The spa’s height provided HBA’s concept inspiration,” says HBA Principal Ian Carr. “To create a sanctuary of softness in a high and manic place we chose to make a spa cocooned and protected in the clouds. The silkworm’s cocoon is a soft, white pillow of finely spun silk making it an ideal metaphor for the spa – a place of peaceful, protected transformation.”

Alex Ion

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