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Travelling to Bern: Schweizerhof Hotel displays fabulous interiors

Travelling can bring joy, relaxation and great opportunities for learning about new, exciting things. In this case, if you stay at the Schweizerhof Hotel in Bern, Switzerland, you can enjoy the wonderful interiors of this recently renovated 150-year old hotel. The budget for transforming the spaces was $50 million and the interior designers worked two years to create the special atmosphere of each corner of the establishment. Constructing a modern version of hospitality, the team worked on the project created 100 rooms and suites, a lounge and a bar for guests who cannot resist luxurious interiors and exceptional service. Keeping the cooking part of the services intact, the historic restaurant of the hotel, Jack’s Brasserie, was revamped and presents new menus weekly.

Hotel Schweizerhof

Rates range from $500 to $3,000 per night, and there is no wonder that the manager is planning on opening an expensive health spa and a smoker’s lounge. If you already seen this exceptional hotel and want to share with us the photos, you can upload them on our Facebook page.








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