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Steampunk-Themed Office Space for Three Rings Design Office

Creative workspaces are clearly getting more noticed in a world where everyone needs to concentrate and enjoy their work. The Three Rings Design Office located in San Francisco was created as an intriguing steampunk-themed office space that inspires and fortifies the talent of the people working here. The game design company that creates “persistent world online games” (PWOG’s) received the interesting office design from Oakland-based Because we can. The idea behind the office interior design merges creativity and custom details.

Twenty people work together under the Three Rings Design Office roof. Instead of spending their time in cubicles, the talented game designers enjoy colourful and creative office spaces, a game room, a lounge and a secret room behind a bookshelf. This office design not only costs half the price of a cubicle office design, but it also created an inspiring atmosphere that helps the workers stay focused, entertained and creative.

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What do you think?

  • Karin Oliver-Kreft

    Most of it’s pretty cool. But the tentacle room is a little too Chthulu-vibey for me.

  • Gregg J Wanciak

    My productivity would skyrocket, I feel certain.

  • Wow,very attractive design its beautiful.

  • Rosie’s Cottage

    Wonderful! I’ve just spent ages staring at these photos, so beautiful! It must be such a joy to write and to work in this office. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing xx