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Exceptional outdoor fireplace design: Zen Fireplace from AK47 Design

For these astonishing summer nights that we have prepared for all winter long, AK47 Design have come up with an enchanting fireplace design. The Zen Fireplace from AK47 Design invites you, your friends and family to step out into the garden and enjoy a fantastic night by the fire. With its amazing design, the Zen Fireplace is a versatile outdoor fireplace that offers several options in both design and use. It comes with a circular steel crown and built-in brazier, a closing disk that protects the combustion chamber from rain and prevents leftover materials from spreading around, and a grill.

Easy to assemble, the Zen Fireplace can be adorned with sand, gravel, stone or volcanic lapilli for a beautiful and modern look. Use it on the terrace or rooftop garden or even bury it in the ground for a contemporary ambiance. Enjoy every minute with your loved ones in the company of a fabulous outdoor fireplace.

Ada Teicu

Ada always dreamed of transforming her love for writing into a lifestyle. Passionate about all things beautiful, from faithful dogs to homemade cooking or climbing her beautiful homeland mountains, she was very much into interior design and architectural wonders. Ada is from Timisoara, Romania, loves purple and turquoise and her all-time favorite c[...]

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