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Colourful and versatile furniture for a bright home: Nzela Table

Designing an interesting piece of furniture like the Nzela Table means no compromises on any level. Displaying a genius geometric modularity accentuated by the bold use of colour, the table with simple yet effective design lines can easily reach its full potential after a quick assembling process. The dinner can be on the table shortly after the table arrived from the store. Its assembling requires no tools and only a short amount of time: in 3 minutes the colourful parts can be put together. The versatile piece of furniture offers multiple combinations for creating the best suited table for your room. Designed by Finland-based designer Kayiwa, the Nzela Table is made out of Birch plywood, painted in bold and fun colours that bright up the interiors. The quick assembling feature also makes it easy for you to take the table apart and store it if space is a problem or you need to make more room temporarily. The Nzela table is available in three colour combinations: blue/white, red/white or yellow/white. NzelaTable-4NzelaTable-5NzelaTable-6NzelaTable-3NzelaTableNzelaTable-2NzelaTable-8

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