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Fun and functional chair design: the Coat Check Chair by Joey Zeledón

Are you one of those persons that always leave their coat on the chair? If so, check out this next chair that uses that idea in a new way. The Coat Check is an innovative chair design that uses the well-known coat hangers to form a fun chair design. Boston based industrial designer Joey Zeledón created the Coat Check Chair as a modern response to fun furniture combined with versatile usefulness. The steel rods accommodate coat hangers displayed upside down. Available in different colours, the chair can put a smile on your face every time you take your coat off, reminding you to keep your home clutter-free for productivity and visual appeal. Its functionality lies in the shape of the elements. Whenever you need a coat hanger, take one off the chair and use it to hang your clothes. The tubular base keeps the hangers in place and also offers a fun seating option.


Coat-Check2 Coat-Check3 Coat-Check1

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