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Ultimate Marin Living, Superb House in California

This next house is a real beauty and has been on the market for quite some time. Siting on a half-acre site in Mill Valley, North California, this recently renovated house can be the ultimate retreat.

This modern house has a lot to offer, starting with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, big fully equipped kitchen, dining and living area and office. The house catches your eye due to its high, airy rooms with beautiful furniture that combine old with new, traditional and rustic with modern. What’s more it has panoramic views of the surrounding canyon, a guest house and a lot of gadgets.

The big space can become visually overwhelming, however the huge windows and well placed furniture make this space a comfy retreat. Moreover the future owners can be proud of the eclectic features and bold accents all over the house, that give it flavor. Love it!

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