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Designer Radiators That Will Charm

Customization of items around the house is a very strong trend today. A designer radiator fits perfectly in this category because of the features of a formerly ignored object: the size, shape and position of the radiators.  Electric radiators, bathroom radiators, central heating radiators, cast iron radiators, and towel rails, all of these can be customized to give your home a brand new look.



The contours of your home need to be in perfect harmony with your lifestyle and needs. This is a clear specification when you try to accentuate the feeling of belonging to your home.

Take, for example, the T Series from Antrax, a radiator designed to be perfectly integrated in any home and made from one single aluminium profile. This shows that designer radiators can embrace almost any shape thanks to modern technology. Whether you need a spiral radiator or one that looks like a cascading waterfall, designer radiators are aesthetically and even technologically superior to normal radiators.

Showcasing long and subtle elements, complex shapes or even imitating different objects, designer radiators play a huge role in your residence’s interior design. Some radiators guarantee improved energy efficiency, others have enhanced functions like towel racks and some even have mirrors embedded into the design.

Free-standing radiators and designer radiators with suggestive colour compositions can play an important role in decorating your home. Inspired by geography, nature, art or household items, designer radiators become more and more popular due to their ability to warm up an interior and look gorgeous at the same time.

Sculptural radiators allow even more freedom when it comes to design and they even save space if the design meets the specified measurements.




Designer Radiators


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