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Lake Idaho home of the Mechanical Muse

Olson Kundig Architects have managed to give this astounding newly-built mountain residence a truly classic-industrial feel.

Located on the wooded shore of Lake Idaho, the contemporary residence seems, at first glance, the cutting-edge reconversion of an old industrial building, maybe a factory or mill.

The residence is open and airy, with the roof slab seemingly floating few feet above the concrete brick walls. A mechanical muse has set the tone for the this highly original home, with a wall acting like an enormous window , lifted on a gigantic pulley wheel to open the house toward the lake. There are industrial elements all throughout the house, with the accents of durability and patina, in the massive furnace-like fireplace, with visible seam and weld edges, the enormous 2 story steel door, the steel ceiling beams, the framed clerestory. They are warmed up by the plywood finishes, colorful modern upholstered furniture and a breathtaking blue view of the lake and the far-off mountains.

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