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10 Modern Curtain Interior Designs

We have come a long way since the days of covering windows with pieces of cloth to prevent dust and heat from coming in. Nowadays, modern fabrics allow more than just personalized styles; they also protect the interiors from heat loss during the winter and help the room stay cooler during summer.

Furniture is also protected from direct sunlight and privacy is insured all the time. Going further into modern days, curtains became a generic name for window protection: there are glass curtains, magnetic curtains or even curtains that surround a whole house, as you can see below.

Together with the curtain industry, offering a huge variety of styles, fabrics, colours and patterns, the curtain accessory industry has evolved. There are countless styles of curtain accessories: curtain poles, tiebacks, tassels, trimmings, rods, curtain hardware, etc. You can personalize your house and add style, protection and beauty by choosing the perfect curtains for your home.

Modern curtains have special features that help them stay as new for a long time: stain-resistant and fade-resistant fabrics, machine washable curtains and iron-free curtains. Choose carefully after you have explored a variety of curtain offers and try to match all the components to your needs: fabric, colour, patterns, special features and curtain accessories.

Curtain Wizard has a few more ideas but check out the ones below, too.

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Ada Teicu

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