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Wonderful updated ranch house in California

An amazing renovation of an 1950 typical ranch house in Livermore, California, the Mines Road House project was undertaken by MacCracken Architects. The team have preserved the existing pavilion-like, single story layout and the connections of the main spaces, but have expanded on scale and quality, as well as on the relation between indoor and outdoor space.

mines 1

mines 19

Nestled in beautiful oak hills, the residence features a simple countryside landscaping with the oak trees as main elements. Particularly interesting is the pavilion impression given by the wooden volumes, reminding of Scandinavian fjord houses, but contradicted by the solid, protective and rustic feel of the interiors with traditional furnishings. Modern through furnishings and spatial solutions, the comfortable Mines Road Home is traditional through the beauty and warmth of materials and design.

mines 18

mines 17

mines 16

mines 15

mines 14

mines 13

mines 12

mines 11

mines 10

mines 9

mines 8

mines 7

mines 6

mines 5

mines 4

mines 3

mines 2

mines 21

mines 20

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