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Old farm transformed into a contemporary residence in Australia

An old 1850s farm house received a renovation that makes it stand out in the harsh Australian savannah. Modern additions transformed the modest brick farm into a contemporary retreat that protects itself from unpleasant south-west winds: the addition wraps around the original farm to create a protected inside courtyard.

This is the first residential project by March Studio and they did a wonderful job. Large north-facing windows absorb direct sun in the winter and allow for a sustainable feature like the cantilevered roof to capture indirect sunlight during summer months. An open floor plan focused around the kitchen lies on the first floor, combining artistic elements with familiar objects to create a comfortable living space. Some modern elements accentuate the joy of living here – the block wall with embedded glass or the wire mesh used to hold pot and pans act like bumpers between the old and the new, the modern and the historic.

Ada Teicu

Ada always dreamed of transforming her love for writing into a lifestyle. Passionate about all things beautiful, from faithful dogs to homemade cooking or climbing her beautiful homeland mountains, she was very much into interior design and architectural wonders. Ada is from Timisoara, Romania, loves purple and turquoise and her all-time favorite c[...]

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