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ANZ Centre in Melbourne Looks Like a Massive Urban Campus

It’s been a while since we last starred at some office interiors. What you see below is the ANZ Centre in Melbourne, and the reason it got our attention is because it looks nothing short of breathtaking while still being a massive urban campus. Designed by Melbourne-based HASSELL, the whole building occupies no less than 130,000 sqm and is the location of the daily grind for 6,500 people — which we’re jealous at for being given the chance to give their best.



At ground level, ANZ Centre has cafes, a visitor centre and public art, while throughout the campus there are 44 individual hub spaces that connect to quiet working zones — can you spell staff creativity, productivity and comfort? It goes without saying that we’d love to have our own spot in there, we definitely love the mix of colors and the modern furnishings.

How about you folks?





ANZ Centre in Melbourne 7

Alex Ion

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