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Qrooz Yacht – interior design of a luxurious home on water

Qrooz Yacht is a luxurious place that you can consider home, office or just a beautiful luxury yacht with wonderful sailing characteristics. the best part is that the client creates his or her own Wrooz: poured floors, integrated interiors, a fire place or a built-in bath or choose the style of the windows.

Qrooz Yacht

Qrooz Yacht 2

Qrooz Yacht 3

The luxurious custom-built yacht has comfortable and spacious interiors that maximize space for a contemporary looking custom made luxury yacht. Sorounded by large windows, the yach can bring the panoramas to you: every week a new city along the European coastline. Qrooz offers the possibility of entertaining on deck, with an opened kitchen and amazing living  and lounging quarters. Truely magnificent, Qrooz Yacht is a luxurious home away from home.

Qrooz Yacht 4

Qrooz Yacht 5

Qrooz Yacht 6

Qrooz Yacht 7

Qrooz Yacht 8

Qrooz Yacht 9

Qrooz Yacht 10

Qrooz Yacht 11

Qrooz Yacht 12

Qrooz Yacht 13

Qrooz Yacht 15

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