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Flexible working space remodeled by Studio SKLIM

Studio SKLIM renovated a wonderful working space on a budget. The office that gained the name “Thin Office” is in a post-war building in Singapore`s outskirts. Two firms share this space: an IT company and a multi-media setup. The long, narrow office space offered the possibility of constructing a raised space that would help cater to the needs of an everchanging working space.

The walls, ceilings and lighting fixtures remained the same, while the interior was organised into 8 clusters: the Boss Boxes, Long Work Top , Discussion Table, Welcome Mat, Sanitary & Storage, Recharging Point, Twist Platform and Multi-media Corner. A single piece of stretched work surface named the “Long Work Top” became part of a greater string of furniture transforming from table top, reception seating, storage and finally  to pantry space. A flexible working environment emerged that embodied what the companies had in common: flexibility, technology and creativity.

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