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House 53 by Marcio Kogan complete shutter facade

House 53 by Marcio Kogan does not need a spectacular facade to be an eye-catcher.

The first 2 floors are completely clad with wood panels acting as blinds. To some extent, this makes it a lesson of modesty and natural simplicity, exotic and austere at the same time. The blinds allow a very slight degree of transparency into this introverted house. The third floor is a smaller, open concrete structure with a terrace. The interior perpetuates the stoicism of the facade in an oriental-inspired design with its both delicate and austere elegance of very modern furnishings. Notable modern accents are the ethereal stair of wood boards embedded at one side, the sleek and shiny contemporary kitchen, the elegant business-style rotating chairs.

house53 21

house53 19

house53 18

house53 16

house53 15

house53 14

house53 13

house53 12

house53 11

house53 10

house53 9

house53 8

house53 5

house53 4

Photos via http://studiomk27.com.br/

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