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Doc XL sofa by Clei stylish and convertible

The Doc XL sofa from Clei is a result of the design company’s belief that “the best ideas are moving.”

For those like me who have had a soft spot for bunk beds ever since childhood, Doc or Doc XL is a both poetic and efficient solution to the problem of a small contemporary bedroom space. The elegant sofa, available in several colors, with metal elements nicely concealed and a wooden slatted base, can be converted to trendy bunk beds in a matter of seconds, with 2 moves. There’s nothing wrong with small spaces. They are the ones that keep the ideas moving .

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What do you think?

  • mcny74

    Genious design. I love it, especially the orange. Great for a kids room for someone like me with joint custody of children where as the kids have their own room but when their not here I can convert it to a den…

  • Anouschka Jirina Den Ouden

    where can i buy something like this? and how much is it