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1950’s Suburban Home in Melbourne with Ingenious Second Floor Extension

Adding a new structure to an old home is always a task that demands both care and precision. One needs to balance aesthetics with ergonomics while ensuring that the old and the new find space next to one another. The same is the case with Ruby, a renovated home in the suburbs of Melbourne that was originally built in the 1950’s by C.C. Sainsbury for assisted veterans. In its new form, the house perfectly meets the demands of a modern family as a new second storey addition transforms the interior with a new kitchen, dining area, kids’ bedrooms and study. Yet the revamp carried out by Foomann Architects, perfectly complements the existing old brick and wood structure.

Corten second floor extension to 50’s Melbourne home

The smart second floor is clad in corten sheets with the lower level retaining its brick presence. Large glass windows, skylights and an open design ushers in ample natural light with corridors connecting the rooms in an efficient fashion. On the inside, storage units, shelving and concealed wardrobes maximize space with ease while the old home and the new addition seem to flow effortlessly into one another. A perfect example of modern renovation that pays homage to the old! [Photography: Willem-Dirk du Toit]

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Modern extension of 1950’s home in suburbs of Melbourne
Brick coupled with corten panels creates a stylish and unique exterior
Old and new meet elegantly at the Ruby House
Exterior of the revamped home in Melbourne
Hidden storage units and bookshelves bring practicality to the house
Pops of light blue added to the kitchen in white

While neighbours to the north and west contain overbearing homes; the east features a manicured garden. Views are managed through window placement and perforated screens. An east facing window at the top of the stair is at the apex of the new volume and frames a mature Silver Birch creating the key view from both floors. The raked volumes of the extension overlap in the centre of the kids’ bedrooms where triangular windows bring in light and sky.

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Toys used to decorate the shelves in the kids’ room
White kids’ room with cheerful bedding and art work
Window for the stairwell brings light into different levels of the house
Windows bring ample light into the corridors
Modern kitchen in white with patterned backdrop
Floor plan of Ruby
Second floor plan of Ruby Residence

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