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1940’s Ascot Vale House Finds New Life with an Innovative Brick and Glass Extension

Every time we look at an aging home being given a new lease of life with a smart renovation and addition, then we can spot the few elements that are common to all such makeovers. In the last decade, the ‘rear extension’ with a box-style design has been the most preferred and successful way to extend classic residences without altering the original house drastically. But the Ascot Vale House in Melbourne takes an entirely different path with a brick, wood and glass extension that stretches towards the east and does not fit into your regular rear extension models. Designed by Taylor Knights, this beautiful art deco home was originally built in the 1940’s and was in need of an urgent, modern upgrade.

Modern brick and glass extension of the 1940’s art deco home in Ascot Vale

The new extension in dark brick opens up to a series of gardens and courtyards around it and ushers ample light into the older part of the house as well. With street façade that remains unaltered and timeless and an interior that perfectly accommodates a modern, urban lifestyle, you get the best of both worlds in here. A large window seat in wood sits at one corner of the new open plan living space and allows those inside to relax as they take in the sights and sounds outside while sliding glass doors connect the kitchen and dining area with the outdoors.

A color scheme in white, gray and wood, elegant modern décor and smart skylights complete the cheerful transformation of this lovely Aussie home. [Photography: Derek Swalwell]

Brick exterior of the extension allows it to blend in with the original home
Brick exterior of the extension allows it to blend in with the original home
Modern addition and extension to the classic Melbourne home moves away from the usual box-style rear extension idea
Comfy dark blue sectional in the living room along with smart sconce light
New addition to the 1940’s Art Deco Houe brings in natural light while altering the interior
Some of the original elements of the Art Deco home have been preserved and enhanced like the fireplace in the living room
Window seats and large windows connect the new interior seamless with the outdoors

With a shared love of exposed brick and natural materials, together with the client we explored a way to embrace and enhance the original intricate brick detailing and hardwood throughout the new additions, staying true to the home’s heritage while providing a modern renewal. The subtle detailing and period accents formed inspiration for the palette and motifs for the project overall.

Light well illuminates the blue stairway in a fabulous manner
Modern minimal contemporary bathroom in white with lighting that sets the mood
Natural landscape around the Ascot Vale House in Melbourne
Classic art deco street facade of the 1940’s home in Ascot Vale, Melbourne
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