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Small 1936 Barcelona Home Renovation Displays Amazing Blend of Styles and Textures

A fabulous blend of the old and the new along with gorgeous mixture of contrasting textures, the NDT.304 Apartment revamped by MZAM is exceptional in more ways than one. This 1936 apartment in a busy neighborhood of Barcelona now features an interior that is modern and yet imbibes timeless elements in a fluid fashion. One of the most noticeable features inside the home is the delightful ceiling tiles that showcase the house’s historic past while also adding color and contrast to the neutral spaces. Exposed brick wall sections painted white, polished white walls and comfy wooden floors are added to the mix to create a balanced expression of various finishes.

Revamped interior NDT.304 Apartment designed by MZAM in Barcelona

A small, multi-functional storage unit sits at the entrance of the home and creates a functional welcome area along with a smart resting space. This leads to the open plan living area with the kitchen in white becoming the heart and soul of the rejuvenated interior. A change in the floor from wood to patterned tile delineates the living space from the kitchen with the two bedrooms and bathrooms being tucked away neatly to offer complete privacy.

Custom furniture pieces create an entrance and storage area inside the Barcelona home
Fabulous modern kitchen is the heart and soul of the new Barcelona home
Living room of the renovated home in Barcelona originally built in 1936
Using the large mirror to add both visual space and light to the living room
White and wood kitchen with lovely ceiling tiles and an exposed brick wall section
Patterned-tile floor of the kitchen next to the wooden floor of the living room

Every room of the home embraces a relaxing Scandinavian style with natural finishes, contemporary décor and smart lighting completing a makeover that feels cheerful, fresh and yet understated. A 753-square-foot Barcelona residence that feels much larger than it really is thanks to the new floor plan and color scheme. [Photography: Anna Fontacas]

Small wooden bedside table for the modern Scandinavian style bedroom
Unique ceiling tiles, and custom floor mat give the bedroom a more organic vibe
White and wood bedroom of the Barcelona home with organic finishes
Wooden vanity in the corner for the small modern bathroom in white
Bedroom of the Barcelona home with a white. wood and tiled look
Bedroom of the Barcelona home with a white. wood and tiled look
Floor plan of NDT.304 Apartment renovated by MZAM in Barcelona
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