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1930’s Art Shop in Spain Transformed into a Fabulous Modern Office

There are times when you need to cover the existing walls of your home with new finishes for a more polished interior. Then there are occasions when you strip out the excess and unnecessary finishes that have been added to a space over the years to discover its beautiful ‘bones’. Revamped and renovated completely to turn an old art shop that was originally built in the 1930’s into a modern office, the TEN Studio designed by NAM Arquitectura in Tarragona, Spain falls in the latter category with its eye-catching modern industrial interior that is blended with smart organization.

Office of TEN Studio in Spain with white walls, ceiling and exposed brick sections

The central idea behind the makeover was simple as the architects stripped away additional layers of plaster and cement that were added over the last century or so to reveal the exquisite brick walls, stone sections and casted steel columns. This essential brings alive the past of the building and links it with the present in a fluid and effortless manner. A new mezzanine level was added to make the most of the double-height interior while four large wooden tables create the work area on the lower level.

View of the office that was once an art shop in Spain
Bricks, casted steel columns and spacious interior in white shape this fabulous office
Bricks, casted steel columns and spacious interior in white shape this fabulous office
Custom cabinets in wood, greenery and exposed brick wall give the interior a relaxing and unique appeal
Exposed stone, brick and high ceilings give this office in Spain a unique interior
Large wooden work tables turn this old art shop into a functional office
Natural light and revamped interior create a lovely office in Spain
New mezzanine level added to the interior provides additional workspace inside the transformed art shop

Custom wooden cabinets and décor provide the shelving, storage and kitchen units inside this office while the brick walls in the backdrop elevate the textural charm. White, wood and brick along with curated pops of red complete this immaculate office that stands out from the crowd! [From: José Hevia]

Old art shop in Spain transformed into a lovely home office
Pendant lights in red add color to the fabulous interior in brick white
Pops of red used throughout the interior add brightness to the office space
Red bathroom with a smart floating wooden vanity
Floor plan of new TEN Studio in Spain
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