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1920s House Turned into Mexico’s First Restaurant Serving Waffle Sandwiches

A restaurant that moves away from sterile and mundane design to unravel a space full of unique personality and style – this is a trend in restaurant and café design that is catching on globally. Much like in home and office architecture, the monotony of the 90s is being shunned for a more ‘soulful’ look that captures local heritage, architectural nuances and flavor. Following this path is Frëims in La Condesa, Mexico City, which also claims to be the first in the country to specialize in serving delicious waffle sandwiches. Of course, there is much more on offer here, including great inspiration for design lovers!

Entrance to the renovated Frëims Condesa in Mexico City

Originally a discarded residential building from the 1920s, the structure was transformed and rejuvenated by the creative folks at Arqmov Workshop, who preserved many of the original architectural features and finishes and transformed others by reinterpreting them in a modern context. Despite its fabulous interior, it is the patio in the rear that serves as a gathering spot, an informal lounge and a place for concerts, book presentations and parties that ends up being the true showstopper. Exposed brick walls, reclaimed wooden surfaces, polished concrete flooring and colorful accents give the coffee bar, juice counter and kitchen textural flair that is a blend of the classic and the modern.

1920s home renovatde into a tasteful and unique restaurant in Mexico City

Beautiful brick walls and lighting give the restaurant a light-hearted and cozy appeal

Concrete floors and reclaimed surfaces preserve the original charm of the restaurant

Coffee bar and juice station iniside the restaurant

Fabulous coffe zone and kitchen station full of color and creativity

Interior of the coffee house uses reclaimed materials and colorful tiles

Bookstore inside the unique restaurant in Mexico City

A small bookstore inside the restaurant adds to its appeal, even as the patio outside with its ingenious water-mirror fountain makes a bold visual statement. String lights and Edison bulbs along with unassuming pendants accentuate the ‘industrial chic’ aura of the restaurant that definitely stands out from the crowd. [Photography: Rafael Gamo]

A perfect place to host parties, events and book presentations

Revamped patio with water-mirror fountain, ample seating and lovley edison bulb lighting

Seating and social zone in the patio that is relaxing and classic

Freims Restaurant in La Condesa, Mexico City

Layout of the 1920s home renovated into modern restaurant

A look at the architectural plan of the patio

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