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18 Festive Wine Bottle Centerpieces for Chic People

A good wine bottle centerpiece is budget-friendly and eye-catching. In your search for ideas on how to stylishly repurpose these beverage bottles, you may encounter a few challenges. For one thing, if you use the bottles as vases, their height makes it tricky to achieve a balanced look with a full bouquet. And while it’s wonderful to create your own wine bottle centerpieces, certain options scream “homemade” instead of “I can’t believe you made that”…

That’s why today we’re rounding up 18 ideas that are easy to make (or buy) AND look great. Because you don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience. And if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, we’ve even included a couple of advanced project ideas as an extra challenge. Whether you’re gearing up for the holidays, searching for DIY wedding centerpieces or simply looking to decorate your dining room table, keep reading for a collection of clever wine bottle solutions!

Wine Bottle Centerpiece Basics

There are a variety of options when it comes to decorating wine bottles. For starters, you can simply group a collection of bottles to make a lovely statement. Note the variation in color and height of the bottles below, and the way flowers in pastel shades help create an enchanting arrangement for this wedding featured at Wedding Chicks:

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Grouping of bottles and flowers (photo credit: Jordan Brittley)

Sometimes a grouping of clear bottles can be striking in its own right. Try wrapping twine around a couple of clear bottles to enhance the arrangement. [photo via El Heraldo]

Clear glass bottles filled with flowers

Decorating the outside of your glass bottle is an easy way to make an impact. Just as we see table numbers featured above, a table number plays a key role in the wine bottle design below. [featured at Tonya Joy Photography]

Wine bottle table numbers

Another great way to decorate the outside of your wine bottle involves spray paint! For starters, try spraying the bottles in metallic shades. This approach is simple and elegant, and you can then top off the bottles with taper candles. Clusters of painted wine bottles are ideal for long tables at events such as weddings. [photo below from White Lilac Inc.]

Groupings of metallic wine bottles

When you group metallic wine bottles with white accents, the result is elegant and dreamy. While the table below featured at Once Wed is clearly for a wedding reception, this look could enhance your holiday decor as well. More on holiday centerpieces in the next section!

Gold wine bottle and milk glass centerpiece

Don’t underestimate the crafty fun of specialty spray paint! Transform ordinary glass bottles with Krylon’s Sea Glass spray paint for a beautiful finish – summery, breezy, and beachy all at the same time! Learn how to create the centerpiece below at Sadie Seasongoods:

DIY sea glass wine bottle centerpiece

You can also paint the inside of your bottles! These DIY Painted Glass Bottle Vases by The SITSGirls show how simple craft paint can be used to transform glass bottles from the inside out. Since the paint is on the interior, you still get the benefit of the glass’s glossy shine. Note that you may need to hold off on filling the bottles with water (depending on the type of paint you use), as water can dilute and remove the paint.

Painted bottle vases

Holiday Style

When it comes to special occasions, wine bottle centerpieces are perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all of the winter holidays! Let’s spotlight some fall style, beginning with this ombre wine bottle arrangement that channels the sweetness of candy corn. Use spray paint to create an ombre effect. Learn more at Brit + Co.:

Ombre wine bottles for a candy corn centerpiece

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Create a black wine bottle candle centerpiece for another great Halloween idea. Chalk paint is your friend for this project, and you can top it all off with black taper candles. Get the project details at Just Wine:

Wine bottle centerpiece for Halloween

Let those taper candles drip for an extra spooky effect! Just make sure to follow basic fire safety rules and keep the open flame away from loose fabrics and other potential hazards. [photo via Homesthetics]

Wine bottles with dripping taper candles

This wine bottle candleholder idea is perfect for Thanksgiving, especially since you can celebrate nature’s bounty by filling each bottle with dried edibles such as legumes and herbs. Learn more at Food Network:

Wine bottle centerpiece idea for Thanksgiving

Add a dash of red to your wine bottles for Christmas! Wrapping twine around the the neck of the bottle will create instant holiday cheer. Plus, you can easily remove it and re-use the bottle for other events throughout the year. Learn more at Pretty in the Pines.

DIY holiday wine bottle idea

We love the way this New Year’s Eve centerpiece is so festive and full. Without the worry of filling the vases with water and choosing the right flower, the metallic fillers can spill over and truly take center stage! Get all the details at Vicky Barone:

DIY New Year’s Eve centerpiece

Special Statements

Let’s end today’s post by focusing on wine bottle centerpieces that are extra special! Whether you’re up for a bit more work or you’re OK with purchasing your centerpiece, we have a hunch that some of these ideas may intrigue you… This DIY Glass Bottle & Wood Vase costs only $10 to make! Using lumber and soda bottles rather than wine bottles, the project has an earthy-modern feel. Craft a stand for your bottles and fill them with beautiful blooms. View plans and instructions at Shanty2Chic:

DIY bottle vase centerpiece

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Some of today’s most popular wine bottle projects involve cutting the glass to allow for fillers at the base of the bottle. If you’re not up for a glass cutting project, you can always purchase a lovely wine bottle centerpiece. Etsy is a great resource for these fabulous cut glass finds, and we’re smitten with this 3-piece Blue Glass Bottle Candle Lamp with a tile base (you choose the style) from Moonshine Lamp Co.:

Wine bottle candle lamp from Moonshine Lamp Co.

Another easy idea involves purchasing cork-shaped bottle lights that will illuminate your glass receptacles. A whole lot easier than cutting a hole in the glass so you can stuff the bottle with string lights! The bottle lights below were previously sold through AliExpress:

Battery-powered bottle lights

While our final two centerpieces seem to involve vases with a wine bottle shape (or specialty wine bottles with an ultra-sleek form), we love them because they show how choosing the right flowers can take your centerpiece to the next level. The key is fullness when it comes to florals. A bountiful bouquet will balance the tall, slender form of the wine bottle.

White on white is perfect for weddings and holidays. Try white-painted wine bottles with bouquets of baby’s breath for winter centerpieces (photo below, left from Coastal Virginia Mag), and enjoy the beauty of orchids in gold-painted wine bottles for holiday gatherings, such as New Year’s Eve (photo below, right from Fashion Blog).

Elegant wine bottle vase centerpieces

The fact that the bottles and flowers above are arranged in a grouping makes them all the more dramatic and special. We at Decoist wish you and yours joy, festivity, and a dash of crafty elegance as you celebrate the events in your lives. We hope today’s wine bottle post has inspired you to decorate these special moments in style…

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