Old Caviar Warehouse Converted into a Sensational NYC Loft

Caviar Wareouse turned into Loft in NYC

When we talk of New York City and stylish lofts, the image that often comes to mind is of trendy SoHo-style spaces and gorgeous contemporary hubs that are draped in opulence. But this amazing renovated space in Manhattan’s landmark Tribeca North neighborhood presents an entirely different picture, as ingenious architect Andrew Franz transformed an old caviar warehouse originally built in 1884 into an inviting and…

Hot Trend: 25 Vibrant Home Offices with Bold Orange Brilliance

Orange mirror frames bring drama to the home office [From: Payton+Binnings]

Fun, attention-seeking, energetic and at times immensely hard to work with, orange is a color that stimulates activity and is full of life. That makes it one of the best colors for the home office, especially if you need some help from the room to kicks-start your day at work! While decorating with this bright and bold color can be risky, get it right, and…

8 Fanciful Fairy Tale Beds for Your Little Princess or Prince

Low Loft Bed with Blue and Hot Pink Tent

Whether it’s Frozen, Beauty and the Beast or Snow White that your child dreams about, chances are they’d love to see their fantasies come to life with a fanciful fairy tale bed of their very own. There are so many wonderful options on the market these days that it’s difficult to choose, but we especially like the ones that can be converted to tween beds…

10 Affordable Wireless Closet Lighting Solutions

A well-lit organized closet

If you’re renting or you’re on a budget, installing lighting in the closet may not be a priority (or even possible). But even the smallest of closets could use a little illumination from time to time. If you’re having to use a flashlight to find your favorite pair of shoes, clearly a solution is needed! Today’s post is dedicated to the art of closet lighting. We’re talking…

Hog Pen Creek Residence: Expansive Austin Home with Modern Rustic Beauty

Iconic butterfly chairs add midecntury flair to the pool deck

Expansive covered porches, walkways that weave their way through the home and connect with the landscape outside, and an informal ambiance that brings nature indoors; the Hog Pen Creek Residence has it all! Nestled on a lot that overlooks the convergence of the fabulous Lake Austin and the peaceful Hog Pen Creek, the exceptional home combines an unassuming rustic charm with modern design to shape…

Victorian Townhouse in London Gets a Classy Contemporary Extension

Classic Victorian Townhouse with a contemporary extension in London

Giving a new lease on life to an old and dreary Victorian Townhouse that was short on space, the latest extension and refurbishment project carried out by DOS Architects steals the show with its elegant blend of the old and the new. Located in West London, the Ravenscourt Road House was given a gorgeous facelift, as the classic home acquired a glassy contemporary extension in…

10 Awesome Basement Home Theaters That Deliver Movie Magic!

Make complete use of the limited space on offer with the right decor [Design: Michael Raffin / Mars Photo and Design]

Many of us live in homes where every inch is absolutely precious, and we will gladly take any extra room that is available. This desire to maximize available space to the hilt has seen designers and homeowners embracing the attic and the basement with renewed vigor in the last few years. The basement is an absolutely perfect spot for a cool hangout, and a home…

Make Coffee Breaks Special: 11 Handmade Cups

Hearts Stoneware Mug

If you tend to get your coffee to go in a paper cup, you might be missing out. Sure, coffee (or any hot drink) tastes better in a ceramic mug, but it’s not just about flavor. Holding a hot coffee in your hands on a cold day will warm your soul as well as your fingertips. A paper cup, by virtue of its thin walls,…

Is Carpet a Good Idea for Kids’ Rooms?

Carpet tiles from Flor

It’s soft, so it cushions every fall. It’s a magnet for dust mites, dirt and pet dander. It’s affordable. It sheds dangerous VOCs. Are you as confused about carpeting as we are?! With eco-friendly flooring becoming a priority in kids’ rooms, the shortcomings of carpet have been actively discussed and debated. Yet carpet remains one of the softest and most budget-friendly options for children’s rooms,…

Classy Contemporary Home with Sensational Laguna Beach Views

Stunning living area with terrace and view of the distant beach

The seaside resort retreat Laguna Beach is renowned for its relaxed lifestyle, beautiful beaches, surf culture and sunny weather. Perched on a lot that offers a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous coastal getaway and the distant beaches, Ellis Residence combines magnificent views with a sleek and sophisticated lifestyle. Designing for a couple whose children had just moved out, the architects placed emphasis on creating…

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