A 10-Minute Step Stool Makeover!

Step stool makeover project

Today’s DIY project is so easy, it will only take you minutes to complete! Have you been shopping around for step stools? Maybe you have a kiddo at home who needs help reaching the sink, or maybe you’re like me, and you have a pet who could use a boost when jumping up to the couch (yes, I allow my kitty on the couch). Kate…

Trendy Pendants That Bring Textural and Geometric Beauty

Dashing pendants become a visual part of the painting in the backdrop [Design: Christopher Elliott Design]

When it comes to picking the right pendant light for your home, the options are indeed endless. The last few years have seen a surge in the wide variety of pendant lights on the market, and each one of them seems as alluring as the next! Despite this flood of lighting brilliance, there are a few lighting fixtures that are quickly achieving the status of…

New Canaan Residence: A Contemporary Escape Draped in Greenery

Pool area offers a relaxed spot surrounded by lush green vegetation

Spread across 6000 square meters and surrounded by a lush, green forest, the New Canaan Residence in Connecticut seems like a perfect refuge for those who wish to escape the mundane rush of big city life. The initial structure was built in the 50s, and over the last few decades, several poorly planned additions and changes turned it into a lifeless, traditional home. The task…

Contemporary Austin Renovation Creates a Bright, Colorful Home

Small and stylish swimming pool idea for the contemporary home

Renovation and addition projects that alter the ambiance of older, traditional homes and usher in a cheerful, modern vibe often need plenty of creativity. Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Tarrytown west of downtown Austin, Texas, this gorgeous home was once a dark and dreary residence with box-like rooms and poor flow of natural light. Renovated to suit the sensibilities of a contemporary, urban family by…

Function and Style Combine in Bend’s Wire Decor

Array Pendant Lighting from Bend Goods

Today’s post is dedicated to Los Angeles-based furniture and design studio Bend, which was founded in 2010 by sculptor, designer and entrepreneur Gaurav Nanda. Crafted from recyclable, sustainable resources, Bend products are as comfortable and easy to assemble as they are stylish. Thanks to a construction of hot-dipped galvanized iron, rust is prevented, and the items range from furniture and lighting to baskets and accessories. Below we’ll…

Urbane Miami Home Brings Chic Sophistication to Coastal Style

Coastal color scheme gives the dining space a refreshing, cool vibe

Waking up to the sights and sounds of the majestic Atlantic Ocean just outside your bedroom sounds like a great way to start a morning indeed. Add to this a stunning patio that almost seems to hover on top of the ocean waves, and you have a dream home for those who love sun, sand and surf! This sophisticated and cheerful contemporary apartment located in…

Tranquil Private Residence Combines Modern Design with Rustic Charm

Beautiful Chalet Bolton Est in Quebec, Canada

Most often, the chalets that we discover are surrounded by the spectacular Alps and draped in luxury, or they offer unabated views of unending ski slopes in getaways such as Jackson Hole. But the Chalet Bolton-Est is a touch different from these usual opulent affairs. Designed by Boom Town and surrounded by a picturesque, serene landscape, this gorgeous private residence brings the timeless beauty of…

The Top Trends in Party Decorations

Projection by Design Love Fest

When the sun comes out after a long winter cold front, my thoughts turn to the bright days of spring on the horizon. This inevitably puts me in the party planning mood, so today’s post is dedicated to exploring the latest trends in party decorations. It’s funny how many of the featured trends below aren’t new concepts–they’re tried and true party decorations with a twist!…

DIY: Turn Your Favorite Photos into Personalized Canvas Artwork

DIY Photo Canvas Art

Nowadays you can buy almost anything on the internet, including customized canvases featuring your own photos. But did you know that you can achieve nearly the same result at home for a fraction of the cost? Follow our easy DIY tutorial to see how you can take a favorite image and immortalize it as a piece of meaningful artwork to give as a gift or…

27 Ingenious Dining Rooms That Tap into the Brilliance of Skylights!

Captivating dining room with gorgeous views and twin skylights [Design: Christian Grevstad]

There are few things that revitalize a room and give it a new lease on life like a window that brings the sunlight, sky and stars indoors! As many of us are stuck in the dreary grasp of winter, a skylight is that perfect ‘window’ to escape the gloom and make a turn towards a brighter and more cheerful interior. Over the last month we…

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