Hemocoel Residence Charms With An Exclusive Facade And Inviting Warmth

Hemocoel Residence in Washington

One of the first things that instantly draws you to a house is the front façade of the structure. This is precisely why many contemporary homes and renovation projects embrace unique fronts that set them apart from the rest. Located in Clyde Hill, Washington, the Hemocoel Residence is one such brilliant structure that ropes you in with its fascinating exterior. Featuring narrow roof lines that…

Design Ideas / March 26, 2014

Bathroom Wall Shelves That Add Practicality And Style To Your Space

Open shelving in a modern bathroom

When you imagine your perfect bathroom, is it a modern space featuring a few interesting details? Or perhaps it’s a spa-like haven where you can enjoy life’s luxuries, such as plush towels and indulgent bath products. When turning your dream powder room into a reality, practicality and style come into play. One essential element that helps you stay organized and gives you a place to…

Bathrooms / March 26, 2014

Striking Exterior And Sustainable Design Shape The House In The Woods

A House in the Woods

Nestled at the base of the Shawangunk Mountains in Ulster County, New York, A House in the Woods brings together a dramatic façade and a minimalist interior to showcase a truly exceptional and remarkable retreat. Designed by William Reue Architecture, the stunning residence is draped in a cloak of natural goodness that changes its color from green to white each winter. Making the scenery outside…

Design Ideas / March 26, 2014

Fabulous Stair Runners

Arrow stair runner.jpg

Wooden stairs are so great, but if you have kids or dogs, or a fear of tumbling down those hard steps in the middle of the night…you might want to consider adding a stair runner! I’m about to fill your brain with ideas of runners that are not only functional, but also completely amazing. And if you’re not a fan of carpet, don’t worry –…

Design Ideas / March 26, 2014

Black And White Bathrooms: An Elegant And Timeless Trend

Black and White Bathroom Ideas

When we plan for the design and decoration of our home, the bathroom is not something that instantly comes to mind. Often, it is one of the last spaces we pay attention to, and many of us do not have the luxury of expansive bathrooms that bring home the ambiance of a luxury spa. The color scheme of the bathroom is something that we all…

Bathrooms / March 25, 2014

Minimalist Kitchen Is A Celebration Of Exquisite Textures And Urbane Panache

Cloe Kitchen by Cesar

The modern kitchen is the heart and soul of the house, and it doubles as a cool gathering place for the entire family. The perfect kitchen is always a blend of form, function and adaptable solutions. Each home has its own specific needs, and hence, there is little surprise in the ever-present desire for customized kitchens. Designed with immaculate style and featuring a myriad of…

Kitchens / March 25, 2014

Shower Curtains Made From Burlap, Silk And More!

Shower curtains with gray and white stripes

Just when you thought bathroom decor was bounded by the limited designs of sinks, toilets and tubs, here’s a curve ball for you to catch. No longer do you need to pine after new bathroom styles to satisfy your insatiable hunger for beautiful home decor (which may or may not manifest itself, depending on the size of your appetite). Shower curtains can be seen as…

Bathrooms / March 25, 2014

Weekend Spring Cleaning Strategies That Make A Big Impact

Time for spring cleaning

Spring is officially here, and it’s time to celebrate the new season. Each March, I get a big burst of spring cleaning energy. Sometimes it hits when I least expect it, like on a Saturday when I find myself going through that giant pile of papers on my desk instead of watching movies from the comfort of my couch as planned. Two years ago I…

Design Ideas / March 25, 2014

Google Amsterdam Office: A Tour Through The Whimsical And The Functional!

Google Amsterdam Headquarters

Now how many offices in the world feature boats of giant floating waffles hanging from the ceiling along with lovely white kettles? Designed with a touch of the typical local flavor that we’ve come to expect from Google offices across the globe, and with plenty of creative workspaces, Google’s new headquarters in Amsterdam is an absolute showstopper. Inspired by the simple garage where founders Larry…

Office / March 25, 2014

Dramatic Contemporary Residence Amazes With Stunning Design And Decor

House Sed by Rudolph van der Meulen

We often look at so much inspiration from the Northern Hemisphere, it is nice to sometimes switch sides and explore an extraordinary modern residence from the other half of the globe. Located in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa, House SED is truly an exceptional extension project that sweeps you off your feet with sheer grandiosity. Designed by Rudolph van der Meulen Architects of Nico van der…

Design Ideas / March 24, 2014

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