Budget Brooklyn Renovation Fuses Industrial Sparkle with Modern Style

Lower level living area with kitchen, dining and brick wall fireplace

A stroll around the city of Brooklyn is all it takes to realize the unique design style of the homes in this city, a style that captures its distinct flavor and an unmistakable industrial past. The many townhouses, industrial lofts and revamped modern condominiums come with a rich heritage that is reflected even in their renovated, modern interiors. Situated at the edge of South Park…

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The Pros and Cons of Preventing Weeds with Landscape Fabric

Front entyway crafted with the help of weed barrier fabric

Landscape fabric, also known as weed barrier fabric, is a go-to weed prevention essential for many a gardener. If you’re considering using weed barrier cloth, you may have some questions about its effectiveness. Does it really prevent weeds? Is it worth the trouble of installing? In short, the answer depends on several factors, including the amount of time you typically spend in the garden. Kate…

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50 Trendy Eclectic Kitchens That Serve Up Personalized Style

Repurposed haberdashery cabinet turned into a stunning kitchen island

Eclectic is without a shadow of a doubt one of the hardest decorating styles to pull off and yet can be the most rewarding. This is a style that showcases YOU in an unabashed and curated fashion. It definitely requires plenty of creativity, and often most of us tend to learn more about a particular room and what works for it through a trial and…

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25 Bathroom Bench and Stool Ideas for Serene Seated Convenience

Tufted bench with lucite legs for bathroom vanity

The bathroom is perhaps the one room that doesn’t allow you to do very much in terms of furniture. With so much space taken up by the shower, the tub, the vanity, and the toilet, it can be a challenge to figure out how to bring in a little more style, even with the smallest pieces of furniture like shelves and benches — especially if you’re stuck with a…

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Shaping Your Home Around a Sculptural Staircase: Posh South Melbourne House 2

Sculpted timber stair becomes the focal point of the revamped living room

The staircase is often viewed as just a functional addition, and few homeowners really pay attention to the aesthetic style it delivers. Fewer actually turn the stairway into the focal point of the sparkling, modern home and let it define the ambiance of the interior. Accomplishing this with refined contemporary panache is the lovely South Melbourne House 2 designed by Mitsuori Architects, and this stunning…

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Tidy Collections: Purposeful Displays That Cut Down on Clutter

Red vases in a room by Kit Republic

If your penchant for collecting has given your home a cluttered appearance, today’s post is for you. If you love hunting for treasures but you like a clean look in your home, today’s post is also for you. Yes, it IS possible to tastefully display collections in a way that doesn’t evoke the feel of a hoarder’s abode. It’s all about the way you group…

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Customized Elegance: Tasteful Trio of Exquisite Bathrooms from Scavolini

Fabulous contemporary bathroom design

There is something undeniably captivating about Italian design, and reinventing its timeless ethos in a contemporary context is the fascinating trio of bathrooms designed by Castiglia Associati for Scavolini. Dubbed Idro, Lagu and Habi, each of these bathrooms brings something unique to your home while showcasing a sleek, minimal style draped in exciting colors. Yet these refined bathrooms go beyond mere aesthetics, as practicality and…

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Modern Industrial Loft Apartment in Bratislava Showcases Space-Savvy Design

TV creates an optical boundary between kitchen and living area

Creating a spacious and open living area is not just about having a really large home with plenty of square footage to spare. In fact, it is has more to do with how you use the available space and craft an uncluttered and inviting setting. Located in Bratislava, Slovakia, this lovely loft apartment does precisely that as it turns a small living zone into an…

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Beyond Paint: 30 Inventive Ways to Add Color to the Kids’ Bedroom

Teen girls' bedroom filled with purple brilliance

Think of vivacious color and one of the first rooms in the home that comes to mind is the kids’ bedroom. These spaces offer the perfect spot to try out new colors, go bold with your decorating choices and throw in a whimsical pattern or four to spice up the space. Often, it is a smart compromise between what is practical and affordable and what…

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The Sleek Beauty of Round Bathtubs

Charming rustic-modern bathroom with a round tub

Curves or angles? This may be the very question you’re asking yourself as you shop for the perfect bathtub. And if you’re a modern design enthusiast, the choice becomes even more difficult, as there are clean-lined advantages to both approaches. Today we shine the spotlight on round bathtubs, both oval and circular. We’ll take a look at the different styles that can be evoked by…

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