20 Modern and Contemporary Everyday Coffee Tables

Hoog Table in black stained oak

The coffee table, typically small and low, is a side table, a table encircled by chairs or a table placed in front of a sofa. It is generally a must-have for the home, finding favor in living spaces across the land. Of course the term “coffee table” is somewhat erroneous, as such tables fulfill a myriad of functions, including: displaying large tomes and magazines, presenting drinks and canapés, acting as a repository for…

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Garay Residence: Magnificent Portal Leads to Dreamy Views of Golden Gate Bridge

Natural stone along with sunlight give the interior a warm, inviting glow

The mesmerizing view of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance is one that all of us would love to wake up to each morning. Much like the glittering New York City skyline, it is an iconic image that has been intertwined with the quintessential ‘American Dream’. It is no wonder then that the stunning Garay Residence nestled on a private…

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Dining Room Decor Ideas That Make a Statement

Reclaimed wood dining table from West Elm

Are you in the middle of a dining room makeover? So am I! Today’s post is dedicated to dining room decor that gets noticed. It’s not about how much money or time you spend on your dining room design project. It’s about creative thinking and choosing pieces that make a statement. Here are some simple ideas, plus a slew of pictures to inspire you in your…

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8 Eco-Friendly Lighting Options That Will Make You See the Light

Urban Chandy Reclaimed Light Fixture

Being eco-conscious about lighting used to mean having to choose between pretty incandescent light bulbs and unflattering curlicue CFLs. Luckily, that’s all in the past. With super energy-efficient LED lights becoming more and more mainstream, you can have your cake and eat it too (just don’t eat your light bulb). Read on for eight of our favorite green lighting options, from futuristic strip lights that…

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30 Creative Ideas to Transform Boring Bathroom Corners

Gorgeous contemporary bathroom with a luxury spa ambiance

Most of us have to work with limited square footage in the bathroom. This means making use of every available inch of space without ever sacrificing on aesthetics. Getting this elusive balance between functionality and form right is what will define and enhance the appeal of your bathroom. And when space is such a premium, those desolate corners can come in handy indeed! Putting that…

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8 Ways to Hide or Dress Up an Ugly Kitchen Trash Can

White kitchen cart with trash compartment

In a lot of kitchens, the trash can is often stored right under the sink behind a cabinet. That’s fine for some people, but if you don’t have that option, or if you’re tired of constantly reaching into a cramped space to throw everything out, then coming up with an alternative solution can be a bit tricky. Lucky for you, there are lots of options!…

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Fun and Festive DIY Gifts

DIY rope bag from Honestly WTF

If you live life on a budget but you enjoy the experience of gifting friends and loved ones with meaningful treats, today’s post is for you! These DIY gifts are as innovative as they are delightful. Plus, they’re all beautifully photographed! From gifts that perform an important job (such as holding those pesky pushpins) to a sugar scrub that doubles as a work of art,…

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How to Turn Your Windows into Giant Picture Frames

How to Make a Giant Window Picture Frame

You’ve heard of picture windows, but did you ever think of using your windows as actual picture frames? This unique DIY project adds visual interest to a room, and can also act as a window covering if you’re not in love with your view (like mine, which is of a brick wall). The look is also pretty easy to achieve–read on to see how I…

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House in Ancon: Majestic Hillside Retreat Overlooking the Pacific

Hillside Ancón Residence with sparkling view of the city below

The idea of remodeling an old home from the 50s often brings up images of an industrial-style interior or a desolate old bungalow looking for a new lease on life. But few extension and remodeling projects would ever match the luxury, grandeur and sheer beauty of the stylish House in Ancon, Peru, which was originally designed by Swiss architect Theodor Cron in 1958. The new…

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Garage Floor Paint Options

Colorful garage with an epoxy floor

Let’s face it, no matter how clean the garage is, the floor is often less than desirable! Stains, dirt and other unwanted markings can make the garage appear junky. What’s the solution? How about a painted floor?! A high-gloss floor paint is a popular choice, and epoxy paint is increasingly being utilized as a tough yet aesthetically pleasing solution. The photos below will open your…

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