Exquisite Mexican Home Charms with Smart Indoor-Outdoor Interplay

Home studio cantilevered above the tranquil pool

When it comes to designing posh urban homes, architects often try and utilize every inch of available space. But this beautiful LA House in Mexico designed by Elías Rizo Arquitectos takes an entirely different approach, as the grand residence recedes into the backdrop of the lot on which it sits. While this might seem like an odd idea, the result is the creation of a…

10 Cheerful Home Offices with Beautiful Beach Style

Amazing home office with stunning ocean view

A decade or two ago, the idea of a home office would have been a touch alien to most homeowners. Not many could have carried their work home before the technological revolution and new-age gadgets changed the world forever. But the home office is almost a ‘must have’ in contemporary homes, and designers are finding innovative solutions such as the tiny corner in the bedroom…

Modern Decor Finds That Celebrate the Year’s Top Trends

Porcelain and gold vases from Jonathan Adler

While wrapping up my Christmas shopping last night, I found myself wandering away from the holiday merchandise and drooling over the modern decor at West Elm. It occurred to me that I’ve been so wrapped up in shopping early for the holidays, I’ve missed a slew of new products that debuted throughout the fall. Today I’m sharing some of my very favorites, from furniture and…

How to Use Green to Create a Fabulous Dining Room

Fabulous use of green in the elegant dining room

It is that time of the year when red and green seem bountiful when it comes to home decorating. But why not embrace refreshing green well beyond Christmas and the holiday season? Green is a color that can be used both as a relaxing or exciting hue thanks to its many shades, hues and tones. And the dining room is one of the best places…

Historic Barn in Connecticut Reconstructed into a Loft-Like Modern Home

Sweeping interior with high ceiling and a spacious appeal

Renovating old barns and transforming them into stylish, contemporary homes and even trendy restaurants is an idea that has gained momentum in the last decade or so. The idea of adaptive reuse of structures and materials (instead of starting from scratch) has helped save both time and resources. But as far as such amazing makeovers go, the Modern Barn Residence in Connecticut stands out from…

Expansive California Home Blends Privacy with a Lovely Landscape

Expansive glass and steel unit that opens up into the backyard patio

We often see how the landscape and the contours of a lot determine the overall silhouette of a home and define its ambiance. Located in Mountain View, California, this beautiful modern house is a perfect case in point, as the surrounding landscape and the presence of a nearby residential street shape its style and structure. Designed by Atelier Hsu, the Mountain View Residence is spread…

10 Rooms Featuring Modern Sectional Sofas

2-piece sectional sofa in a modern eclectic space

For today’s post, “modular” is the word! Yes, all of the rooms below feature sectional sofas. I’m old enough to remember the days when “sectional” was another word for “outdated.” But then something happened. The sectional made a comeback–a big one! Sectional sofas can shine in any space, and the images below prove just that. Whether you’re going for an upscale look or a relaxed…

Traditional Sydney Home with an Inviting, Natural Ambiance

Organic textures and painted wood floor give the dining room a relaxed, holiday vibe

The trend of turning the modern home into a beautiful and serene retreat that allows you to escape the ‘big city rush’ is an idea that is gaining popularity with each passing year. Located in Vaucluse, a quiet little suburb of Sydney, Australia, the Hopetoun Avenue Residence is a masterpiece created by South African designer Serena Crawford, and it epitomizes this trend. Moving away from…

10 Gorgeous Bedrooms That Bring Home Festive Charm

Gorgeous Christmas bedroom decor idea with rustic beauty

Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends, decorating the house beautifully, and enjoying loads of fun and frolic. While many of us deck the entryway, living and even the dining room with shiny Christmas ornaments and sparkling lighting, the bedroom seems to go unnoticed and under the festive radar. Change this dull and boring trend this holiday season by decorating your cozy…

11 Contemporary Kitchen Compositions with Urbane Elegance

All white kitchen is perfect for those who love a minimal look

With the New Year just around the corner, many homeowners might already be thinking about giving their home a brand new makeover. And if you are thinking about renovating your kitchen or transforming it by opting for a grand remodel, then Italian kitchen maker Cesar has some amazing options for you in the form of fabulous Frida! Innovative, exiting and versatile, the Frida lineup of…

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