Modern Private Residence in Taiwan Overlooking a National Park

Wishbone chairs at the contemporary kitchen sialnd and breakfast bar

Waking up each morning to the sight of a lush green canopy and the early morning frenzy of birds just outside the window is indeed a great way to start the day. The Unbound private residence nestled in the gorgeous Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan promises all this and a whole lot more as it brings the outdoors inside. Designed by J.C. Architecture, this elegant…

Classic Seattle Lakefront House gets a Bookish Modern Twist!

Floor-to-ceiling floding glass doors with stainless steel frame

It was just a few days ago that we were talking about the possible revival of Tudor style and how modern designers are giving these classic homes a contemporary makeover without actually altering their distinct silhouettes. Today we have another beauty that perfectly exemplifies this seamless blend between old world charm and modern aesthetics. Overlooking Lake Washington, this Seattle home has all the trademark traits…

23 Bedrooms That Bring Home the Romance of Red

Fabulous use of texture in the red bedroom [Design: Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors]

When it comes to infusing a space with vivacious energy and a touch of romance, few colors come close to red. It is a great way to showcase an architectural feature, give it prominence and elevate a space that is filled with boring neutrals. Yet when it comes to adding this brilliant color to our bedrooms, we often find ourselves hesitant, and fearful that the…

10 Rooms with an Indoor Water Feature

Indoor water wall with dramatic flair

Maybe it’s all those years of admiring mall and hotel lobby architecture, but I’ve always been a fan of indoor water features! There’s something very grand about them, and they bring a vacation vibe to any room they inhabit. Speaking of indoor water feature locations, what do you think are the most popular spots for these special flourishes? Living rooms and entryways are definitely top…

Twin Visions: Dashing NYC Studio Apartment Gets Two Glamorous Makeovers!

Smart fxitures and natural light give the home a serene ambiance

How many different ways can you think of decorating your own home? While we might alter hues and styles ever so slightly once in a while, it is not very often that the same home is decorated in a delightfully different manner with a few smart changes. This studio apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City has been designed in two different…

20 Living Rooms with the Textural Beauty of Grasscloth

Innovative use of orange in the living room [Design: Willey Design]

In our quest for the right living room color and the perfect patterns to bring it alive, we often ignore another very important facet of interior design that can play a huge role in shaping a perfect home. Texture is as important as color in creating a beautifully balanced and exquisite living room. In fact, you can use just a couple of simple neutral shades,…

Living Room Wall Units with Snazzy Compositional Freedom

Beautiful Day System of shelves and storage units for the living room

In the world of contemporary design and decor, adaptability and versatility are the two key elements that always come up trumps. Sure, one still needs that perfect blend of form and function to create an unforgettable, inviting interior. But designers are increasingly moving away from traditional furnishings and turning toward flexible, modular units to get this job done. The exclusive Day Collection offered by Alf…

Easy Shelf Organization and Styling Tips

A shelf styling project

Today I’m sharing a quick shelf organization project that I recently completed in my home office! For over a year now, the orange Cubitec Shelving in the corner of the office has been overpowered by stacks of papers and kitty toys. The room is a work in progress, but soon it will be a fully functional space. To prepare for the final steps of the…

5 Comfy Contemporary Sofas Offer Versatile Seating Solutions

Combine low and high armrest units to create a stunning sectional

A beautiful couch sets the tone for the living room, often defines the style of the space and at times brings a touch of eclectic brilliance that elevates the ambiance of the room. When it comes to living room decor, the plush sofa is the undeniable star. It is the focal point around which the rest of the space evolves. Picking the right couch can…

8 DIY Storage Beds to Add Extra Space and Organization to Your Home


Your cabinets are stuffed, your dresser space is depleted and your closets are nearly bursting at the seams. What’s a storage-starved homeowner to do? The solution may lie right where you do — in your bed. Storage beds can add a healthy amount of stuff-stashing space to your home, but they can also be quite pricey. If you want to reap the benefits of these…

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