Modern Art Prints by Vontrueba

Golden Pineapple by VonTrueba

When I recently came across the modern art prints of Vontrueba, I was beyond ecstatic. Not only are these geometry-, texture- and materials-influenced prints stunning in themselves, the product photographs/illustrations feature still life-style vignettes that fill me with design inspiration! Kate here, and today I’m shining the spotlight on Vontrueba, a studio founded by a London-based Spanish architect. Check out these stellar selections from three…

Modern Colorado Vacation Home with Enthralling Mountain Views

Gorgeous Colorado vacation home surrounded by snow covered slopes

Moving away from the traditional look of classic ski cabins, contemporary mountain retreats are embracing a whole new design style that seamlessly blends the modern with the rustic. Nestled in the snowy slopes of Colorado, this breathtaking getaway was designed by Morgante Wilson Architects for a family of passionate skiers, and the dwelling brings the comforts of an urban lifestyle to a relaxed, mountainside setting….

Single-Family House in Sydney Charms with Midcentury Modern Flair

Exquisite use of brick wall and contrasting texures in the lovely living space

Turning a 1920s semi-detached house into a modern home that serves the needs of a young family is a task that demands the best possible fusion of aesthetics and ergonomics. Located in Neutral Bay, a harbor-side suburb in Sydney, Australia, this beautiful residence designed by Downie North Architects was completely revamped to create a seamless interface between the outdoors and the interior. The Neutral Bay…

20 Chalkboard Paint Ideas to Transform the Modern Home Office

Chalkboard paint comes in colors beyond black

The last few years have seen a revival in design trends that were shunned away during the 90s as both unnecessary and unappealing. These include a turn towards midcentury modern, the newfound love for wallpaper, grasscloth wallcovering and even the good ol’ chalkboard paint! For a long while, chalkboard paint was relegated to the walls of the kids’ playroom and the kitchen. But few rooms…

Valentine’s Day Treats for Design Lovers

Rose-shaped lights from Urban Outfitters

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and each year I look forward to rounding up a collection of special gift ideas for design lovers! These treats are not just for the love of your life. Share them with friends and family members, or buy something nice for yourself! I spent many a Valentine’s Day as a single woman before I got married, and it’s funny how…

Striped Beauty: Stunning Zebra Rugs & Pillows from Forsyth

Zebra hide rug gives the room an instant focal point

Each winter, we are on the lookout for ways that we can add textural elegance to the interior while turning our home into a warm, cozy retreat. While some of the additions fade away with a change in season, others last for years to come. This year, though, it might be time to invest in a piece that will serve you well across generations and…

23 Gorgeous Bathrooms That Unleash the Radiance of Skylights

Exquisite bathroom with two showers

Nothing makes or breaks the look of an interior quite like lighting, and often it is a perfect blend of natural and artificial illumination that transforms the ambiance of a room completely. Beautiful lighting can turn that dull, dreary home into a cheerful, exciting space with a new lease on life. While a smart combination of recessed and focused lighting often gets this accomplished in…

8 DIY Storage Ideas to Keep Your Child’s Toys from Taking Over Your Home

IKEA Storage Bed Hack

Parenting has many rewards – but stepping on your child’s sharp and painful minicars, building blocks and dolls is decidedly not one of them. Luckily, there are many ways to wrangle in your little one’s toys and keep them neat and tidy. From an adorable barn-themed stuffed animal keeper to magnetic wall-mounted pizza pans, read on for eight DIY toy storage ideas to get your…

Easy Yard Makeover Ideas for a Fresh Start

Turquoise hanging planter

We’re still in the middle of winter, but my heart is already with spring! I’ve been dreaming of warm evenings filled with cool breezes and dinners on the back patio. While spring will arrive on its own schedule, I have plenty to do in the meantime, including recovering my outdoor chairs and removing dead greenery from the yard. There are many planting projects on the…

Make Work Slightly More Bearable with These Fun Cubicle Decor Ideas

Urbio Wall Organizer

As if it’s not enough that we have to drag ourselves out of bed each morning to get into work before the sun rises, many of us are then subjected to sitting in a tiny grey cage all day long! Yes, cubicles have a bad reputation for being, well, a bit square, but there’s no reason to leave your drab workspace the same way you…

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