Classy Customized Penthouse In Vancouver Offers A Relaxed Urban Retreat

Terrace of the lovely Vancouver Apartment

Described by the TIME magazine as Canada’s master architect, Arthur Erickson has designed hundreds of buildings across the world. This completely customized, contemporary penthouse loft in Vancouver is nestled in ‘The Waterfall Building’, which was also crafted by the famed urban planner. The stylish apartment itself has been redone to ensure that it offers the very best in terms of luxury, as it combines unabated views of…

Air Plant Care Tips To Help Your Greenery Thrive

Hanging brass air plant holder from Handmade Sammade

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had an air plant that’s met an untimely end. Hey, no judgment here–my hand is in the air! Despite being known for their low-maintenance quality, air plants can in fact perish (hard to believe, right?)! Maybe we get it in our heads that they’re indestructible. And then we quickly forget to water them! But if we make it a…

How To Design And Decorate A Kids’ Room That Grows With Them

Kids' Bedroom that is modern and stylish

Designing a kids’ bedroom and then decorating it aptly is both a time consuming and costly affair. While there are many inspirations around that allow you to create amazing rooms that range from the nursery to the teen bedroom, the idea of redecorating and redoing the room once every 2-4 years is not very appealing to most of us. And to be very honest, many…

Posh Minimalist Living Spaces Charm With Geometric Lines And Sleek Styling

Feel&Scenery Living Space by Scavolini

Modern minimalist designs often seem to give too much importance to aesthetics, and in the process ergonomics take a backseat almost every time. But offering a refreshing change from this trend is the collection of Feel&Scenery living spaces from Scavolini. Much like the amazing kitchen and living room compositions that we have seen from them earlier, here is another living space that focuses on the…

Luxurious Decor Collection From Paola Lenti Redefines Your Outdoor Lounge

Trendy outdoor decor from Paola Lenti

For a couple of weeks now, we at Decoist have been on a summer overdrive–the new season has been the main focus of our design inspirations! We continue that theme today with the amazing decor collection from Paola Lenti, which made its first appearance at the Milan Design Week. Elegant, exuberant and playful, this colorful collection of sofas, daybeds, sunbeds, poufs and chaise lounges seems to…

Design Ideas For The Small Home Office

Clear console desk

I’m in search of a new home office space! Kate here, and this past week our home office flooded after a particularly torrential bout of stormy weather. While we’re taking care of repairs, the room will be uninhabitable. For 4-6 weeks! My hubby and I have temporarily moved our home office into another room, but this is by no means a permanent solution. And when…

Hot Summer Color Combinations Bring Home Cheerful Exuberance!

Summer color combinations

It’s that time of the year again when you are thinking about family holiday trips, long, lazy evenings, pool parties and a few days on the beach (at the very least). Summer is indeed all about the outdoors, and an amazing, secluded lounge in the backyard might well be all you ever need. But it is also the perfect time to bring some of that…

Smart Conversion Transforms Pre-War Cottage In Brisbane Into A Breezy Modern Home

Modern Brisbane Home

Transforming an old house from the 70s or 80s into a lovely modern home is a task that is hard enough during the best of times. But when you need to convert an old, ragged and rusty pre-war cottage into a sparkling contemporary space, the challenge is even steeper. Taking this up gleefully and coming out with flying colors is Shaun Lockyer Architects, which has…

Single-Family Home In NYC Showcases Townhouse Architecture At Its Trendy Best

Dining room of NYC Residence

Remember the opening shot of the movie ‘Stuart Little’, or even the first few pages of the illustrated book? The story starts off in this traditional townhouse that is sandwiched between tall modern skyscrapers. Narrow townhouses with a classic front façade do have a timeless and nostalgic appeal about them that lures you in almost instantly! The latest 5-story, single-family residence conjured up and brought…

Talking Design And Beds With Clémentine Pautrot

Talking Design with Clémentine Pautrot

I’ve met Clémentine Pautrot – Winner of Sofitel MyBed and Wallpaper* Magazine design competition – in the lobby of Munchen’s former Post Office turned luxury Sofitel hotel. Just like her inviting installation, she was a focal point in the room, a vivid color in a sea of darkness. Modesty Charms, Elegance Conquers Thanks to Decoist and being flown out to Munchen by Sofitel’s amazing team for…

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