The Hello Pattern Collection By Judy Kaufmann

Fun Geometric pattern by Judy Kaufmann

Today we celebrate the work of Barcelona-based artist Judy Kaufmann. Her latest endeavor: Hello Pattern, a collection of geometric, organic and typographic forms that can be applied to surfaces such as paper, fabric, wood and walls. Rather than ordering vases, pillows, wallpaper and other items featuring Kaufmann’s work, you purchase a non-exclusive license for each pattern you desire. You then receive the pattern as an…

50 Stunningly Stylish Bedrooms With A Distinct And Dashing Masculine Vibe

Modern Masculine Bedroom Ideas

Fashion and design trends often come with a few predispositions that you simply cannot do away with. For instance, we love the classic case of ‘everything blue’ for the baby boy and ‘pretty pink’ for the little girl. Color scientists say that millions of dollars and research have gone into this. Others tell you that it is just a natural choice and babies do love…

15 Black And White Bathroom Inspirations With A Touch Of Retro Charm

Black and white bathroom inspirations

If there is one thing that we have learned from the decor and interior design trends of 2014, it is the growing fondness among homeowners and designers to draw inspiration from the past. This is reflected in the continuing demand for everything midcentury modern and the increasing popularity of bathroom fixtures that borrow from the Art Deco style. While we did already showcase some stunning…

Innovative Wall-Mounted Units Bring Design Freedom Draped In Sleek Modularity

36e8 from Lago

Modern modular storage and display units bring along with them an unending array of design possibilities and let you shape your interior in a unique, creative fashion. Epitomizing this trend is the fabulous 36e8 from Lago, a square measuring 36.8 cm per each side and forming the basis of all their modular compositions. This small square comes in a variety of styles, colors and finishes and…

How To Style A Garden Window

Greenhouse window decorating ideas

When my hubby and I bought our house last year, we were thrilled that it came with a garden window, also known as a greenhouse window. This protruding glass structure with a sloping roof adds light to our interior, and it’s the perfect place to tuck plants and other decorative items. Many homes built in the ’80s feature these windows–do you have visions of them filled…

Dramatic Rio de Janeiro Home Enthralls With Amazing Ocean Views And Minimal Flair

House Al in Rio

After the recently concluded football world cup, few people need an introduction to the amazing sights and sounds that the city of Rio de Janeiro holds. Not that we needed the event to really showcase the amazing diversity of Brazil and its bright and brilliant nightlife. But it sure once again reminded us of the captivating beauty that the country holds. Alex Lerner, the host…

How To Give Your Home A Captivating Mid-Century Modern Style

Midcentury modern living room ideas

When Mid-century modern started making waves a few years back, the instant reaction was to dismiss it as an aberration. Obviously those people read the trends wrong, as we are into the second half of 2014, and the popularity of this design style only seems to be on the up each day. So much so that contemporary designers are turning towards midcentury modern decor to…

Modular Living Room Units Blend Italian Finesse With Modern Functionality

Contemporary Living Room Wall Unit

When it comes to living room wall units, adaptability and versatility are the key elements that we often look for. Modern modular wall-mounted living room units tend to bring together these components along with hip hues and trendy designs to offer homeowners an endless array of choices. The latest lineup of Italian-designed living room units from Febal Casa offers smart space-saving solutions while enlivening your…

Stylish And Personalized DIY Canvas Word-Art For Your Home

DIY Canvas Wood Art Project

In the spirit of making your own art (as has been seen already here on Decoist last week with those Picasso-inspired portraits), I thought I’d share one more way you can make some cool and personalized art for your home, or, you know, for a friend! If you happen to have some art around your house you’re no longer particularly fond of, this is the perfect…

The Top Fall Trends For Interior Design

Fall Trends Marble and Brass Decor

If you read our recent post on stylish summer sale items, you know that retailers are clearing out their summer stock to make room for fall’s bounty. And by that, we mean the bounty of amazing decor finds for the new season! Yes, it’s still July, but that hasn’t stopped our favorite retailers from revealing their fall collections, or at the very least, stocking the…

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