How To Design The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen That Lets You Party!

Beautiful modern porch has it all! [Design: Logan's Hammer Building & Renovation]

Modern homes are all about blurring the lines between the indoors and the world outside. This constant push to extend the living space outdoors has led to the emergence of whole new trends in home design. Much like the luxurious lounge next to the pool or the gorgeous pergola, modern outdoor kitchens are all the rage as they allow you to ‘take the party’ completely…

DIY Gold & Silver Foil Herb Planters

DIY Gold Leaf Herb Planter Idea

It’s that time of year when all of the lovely things you have planted outside start to wilt and slowly die, hopefully to come back after the long and excruciating winter! Ok wait a minute…this sounds like a really negative post! It’s not. I promise. I’m about to show you a way that you can bring some of those lovely things you planted indoors to…

6 Posh Contemporary Seating Delights To Transform Your Living Room

Desiree Lacoon Island deep-seated sofa

One of the easiest ways to give your living room an instant makeover is by altering the seating options in the space. The aura of the living room and its overall ambiance is often defined both by the luxurious couch and the smart armchairs that complement it. A simple switch in these furnishings can alter the entire appeal of the space without you having to…

10 Cozy Rooms With A Modern Fireplace

Modern art and a textured rug in a living room with a fireplace

Today’s roundup is dedicated to the modern fireplace, but there’s also an element of coziness involved. For example, some modern rooms with fireplaces still manage to be more stark than inviting. What makes a room cozy? How can a modern fireplace enhance the warm feel of a space? And more importantly, how can your interior create a cozy vibe this fall, with or without a…

Talking Photo-Encaustics, Art And Interiors With Theresa Stirling [Part 2]

Large art installation brings the interior alive

The world of interior design is indeed incomplete without brilliant artwork that adds a new and exciting dimension to any space it graces. Last week, we brought you the first part of Decoist’s exclusive interview with artist Theresa Stirling, who offered a beautiful insight into the world of encaustic painting. Today, in the second part of the interview, she talks about her inspirations, favorite art…

30 Rustic Living Room Ideas For A Cozy, Organic Home

Branches in the glass vase add to the chic rustic style [Design: Urrutia Design]

When we talk of rustic-style interiors, many of our readers think of exposed wood, stone walls, a warm fireplace at the heart of the room and a setting that gently turns the clock back to a simpler, less flashy era. And most of that is indeed true. Yet, concealed below that rough, rustic exterior are still modern comforts and new-age gadgets that promise to make…

5 Trendy Decor Finds With Contemporary Italian Flair

Minimal style of the Airport Bookcase designed by Giorgio Cattelan

Looking to give your home a grand makeover as you head into the festive magic of fall and winter? Adopting the latest trends does not necessarily mean changing the entire appeal of your home all at once. Instead, adding a beautiful decor piece once in a while to give the room a more sophisticated and chic look is the way to go. This layered approach to…

Smart Gardening Tips For Early Fall

Green planter filled with succulents

Hello, Decoist Readers! Kate here, and I wanted to share some snapshots from my yard, taken at the end of last week as I finished preparing the outdoor space for fall. While my garden isn’t one filled with fruits and veggies, it is filled with plants. And it takes a lot of work to keep plants healthy, especially as one season turns into another. In early…

Accent Green Walls For A Stylish Apartment

Interior of Modern Apartment in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine by SVOYA

Ushering in a sense of sustainability and natural goodness in grand style is the fascinating apartment in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine that leaves you mesmerized with its inimitable vertical gardens. While most homeowners prefer a small courtyard or a lovely terrace garden that is connected visually with the interior, the creative architects from SVOYA Studio have given a young family with a kid a green indoor treat…

23 Living Rooms With Tantalizing Red Magic!

Exquisite way to use red in the living room [Design: Clean Design]

If there is one color that makes an immediate and undeniable impact in any interior that it adorns, then it is the indomitable red! Fiery, passionate and the universal color of love, red has often been relegated to the bedroom. While some modern homeowners love to infuse their kitchen with a splash of this brilliant hue, red living rooms are indeed a rarity. Yet no…

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