8 Easy Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Wall Inside Your Home

Sahel Wall Planters

Summer may be coming to an end in many parts of the world but that doesn’t mean you can’t extend the season a bit by transforming one of your walls into an indoor oasis. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to create your own vertical garden with modular planting systems and hanging planters that require minimal assembly. Whether you’re hoping to add a splash of color…

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Sanctuary: Little Mossarium Brings a Slice of Natural Haven Indoors!

Contemporary design of Sanctuary makes it perfect for every home and office

The image of a carpet of lush, green moss, a thick canopy above and the spectacular flora and fauna is what one conjures up when imagining a dense and mystical rainforest. While you may not be able to bring this setting into your living room, office or kitchen, you can now at least bring a part of the magic with the fabulous Sanctuary designed by…

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22 Guest Bedrooms with Captivating Twin Bed Designs

Nautical themed guest room with twin beds

Thinking about redecorating your guest bedroom? If you’re looking to replace the bed, you might want to consider going for two twin beds as opposed to the typical double or queen-sized bed — especially if you have the room for it! Think about it. A pair of twin beds is more convenient for guests who aren’t couples, and the symmetry you can create will give your guests…

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Clarkson Residence: Cheerful Modern Beach House in Santa Barbara

Bright yellow rug adds color and elegance to the clean living room

There is nothing like a relaxing beach house to escape the rush of mundane city life and enjoy a rejuvenating weekend with friends and family. Overlooking an idyllic stretch of beach and the vast Pacific in the distance, Clarkson Residence is all about a tranquil lifestyle wrapped in modern comfort. Designed by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects, the beautiful home has a refreshing gray exterior that…

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The Many Uses of Rain Glass

Modern bathrooom with a rain glass door

Rain glass looks the way it sounds—as if streaks of rain are pouring down the pane. There’s a bit of a dreamy quality to it, yet the textured feel of rain glass is also the perfect complement to modern spaces that are grounded in earthy style. In today’s post, we explore the many ways you can use rain glass to enhance your home. Grab your…

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Going Scandinavian in Style: Space-Savvy Apartment in Moscow

Oversized floor lamp and pendant lights in gray play into the color scheme of the Scandinavian living room

There is no doubting the fact that Scandinavian design has found its way into homes all over the world in some shape or form over the last few decades. With contemporary designers focusing on minimalism, practicality and a light, cheerful ambiance, the style is absolutely perfect for refined, urban interiors. Modern Scandinavian style is all about that timeless Nordic simplicity coupled with ergonomic features that…

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Stylish Design Ideas for Medicine Cabinets

Custom-designed built-in medicine cabinet

If your medicine cabinet is a bit neglected, you’re not alone. After all, nobody sees what’s inside, right?! At the very least, you do, and you’d be surprised by what a big difference a splash of thoughtful design can make. Not to mention, you have more control over the medicine cabinet itself than you think, especially with the wide variety of options available today. In…

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Tahoe Retreat: Inspired Rustic Mountain Escape for the Hip Modern Bachelor

Artist Jihoon Choi's Pixel Deer in yellow above the fireplace is both quirky and contemporary

Fun, relaxing, cozy and curated, the beautiful Tahoe Retreat perfectly captures the spirit of Truckee and the landscape that surrounds it. This lovely ski retreat was designed by Antonio Martins Interior Design as a holiday getaway for a bachelor client, and it effortlessly weaves together modern comfort and a distinct rustic style. It is a careful balance between nostalgia and the present, as the woodsy cabin…

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12 Well-Thought-Out Modular Shelving Systems

606 Universal Shelving System living space

The examples of modular shelving systems in this article are carefully chosen with a focus on their utility, aesthetic and universality. Individuals purchasing any of these shelving options are likely to have made a conscientious and considered decision, assessing the possibilities for placement and their necessity. This writer postulates that the shelving systems featured below are designed with the intelligent user in mind. Such people typically value good design and think about its quality, usefulness,…

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20 Small TV Rooms That Balance Style with Functionality

Perfect shade of gray for the dark and moody TV room

There was a time when the television was the focal point of the living room, with every piece of furniture being arranged around it! Many of us TV buffs still tend to do the same, but the modern trend has been to take the TV away from the living room or to hide it completely. While some have taken it to the bedroom and the…

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