FLOAT: Exquisite Handcrafted Kitchen Collection in Wood, Copper and Marble!

Exquisite FLOAT Kitchen Collection from Miras

It is not very often that we come across modern kitchens that combine the practicality and ergonomics of contemporary spaces with a touch of classicism. But the fabulous FLOAT kitchen collection from Miras takes this to a whole new level by bringing home some amazing textures that are becoming a rarity in sleek, modern homes. Clad in wood, marble and copper, the stunning range consists of…

8 Chic Office Chairs That Will Sweep You off Your Seat

Saddle Office Chair from West Elm

Office chairs aren’t exactly the most exciting pieces of furniture, but you might be surprised at what the right one can do for your workspace. Whether you’re looking for a stylish workhorse, a modest mid-century, or an ultra-modern eye-catcher, we’ve got some great options that can change your whole office game. Read on to see them all! Timeless Mid-Century Magic Despite being based on a…

Survive the Winter by Dreaming of Spring Outdoor Projects!

Colorful outdoor seating

Anyone else having a tough time with the winter weather this year?! Kate here, and long stretches of frigid temperatures have forced me to bring all of my potted plants into the garage, leaving a barren yard for me to look out on from the living room couch. Add gray skies overhead, and I’m finding it hard to keep my creative inspiration alive, especially since…

8 Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Home with Glass Door Knobs

Glass Doorknob Wine Stopper by Knobstoppers

Have you ever been in a home with beautiful crystal or glass door knobs? Don’t they make entering a room so much more fun? Decorative knobs are a way to add a touch of whimsy to your doors, but don’t be afraid to incorporate them in other more unexpected ways as well. From using them to stop wine to repurposing them to hold your jewelry,…

Personalize Your Home with a Painted Door

Bright turquoise door in a modern eclectic bedroom

I love a painted door! While you might think today’s post is focused on exterior doors, lately I’ve been struck by the growing number of painted interior doors. Some of these doors are painted on one side, and others are painted on both front and back. It all started when I became smitten with the bungalow of Ashton Arthur, recently featured at Camille Styles (shown below)….

Brighton Duplex: Sparkling Townhouses with Breezy Modern Elegance

Dramatic facade of the Brighton Duplex in Melbourne

The unique architectural demands of townhouses and their narrow structures often result in some of the most fascinating and creative design solutions that you will ever come across. Brighton is a vibrant and hip beach-side suburb of Melbourne that seems to be quickly becoming a hotspot for some of the most elegant and exquisite contemporary homes in Australia. Adding to this exclusive list is the…

DIY Heart String Art That’s Not Cheesy!

Heart art on bedside table

Hey lovelies! Before we get started, I realized the pun in the title of this post, and I need to tell you it was not intentional, but now that I see it, I love it. Did you catch it? Heart string art? Heartstring? As in the heartstrings you can tug on? Pretty good, right? Love for Minimalism! So Valentine’s Day is coming, and if I’m…

Polished Passion: 19 Dashing Bedrooms in Red and Gray!

Fashionable footstools bring the cowhide trend to the bedroom [Design: In House Interior Design]

Is your gorgeous bedroom in gray starting to feel a touch too boring and bland with a change in the weather outside? While gray has been a ‘hip’ neutral that has ruled interiors for the past couple of years, a bedroom clad completely in gray can seem both sterile and a bit too dull. With experts suggesting the use of bright colors for a balanced…

Classy Modern Villa Brings Breezy Palm Springs Style to Italian Countryside

Expansive deck and pool area of the lovely contemporary Italian home

One look at the gorgeous L. A. Modern, and you would totally believe that it is nestled in a hip neighborhood in sunny California or beautiful Florida. This contemporary residence located in Lodi, Italy was designed by Carlo Donati Studio to mimic the cheerful and laid-back style of a villa in Palm Springs, even while blending in beautifully with the scenic backdrop. Spread across 500…

Trendy Storage Units Bring Chic Adaptability to the Modern Bedroom

Cool circular nightstand in blue adds playful elegance to the room

Are you struggling to achieve that ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality in your bedroom? Maybe it’s the lack of space that is impeding your quest for the perfect bedroom? Offering a smart solution that exquisitely brings together both form and ergonomics, the latest lineup of bedroom storage units from Jesse just might solve all your decorating conundrums! These smart units can be configured to suit…

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