Black House Blues: Exquisite Forest Home Mixes Style with Soulful Melodies

Modern Black House Blues in Kulautuva, Lithuania

How big a role does music really play in your life? While many of us spend endless hours hooked to our iPods, most of our decorating choices influenced by music probably end with a few posters, a guitar on the wall or a piano in the living room. But a couple in complete love with Blues decided that their entire house would be shaped by…

Nifty Warehouse Conversion in London Wraps Modernity in Rich Heritage

Original brick walls of the warehouse are kept intact

Adaptive reuse of structures is a trend that is here to stay, and many homeowners across the world are quickly starting to understand the many benefits that it offers. This beautiful and innovative Shoreditch Warehouse conversion in London is another example of such creative reuse that not only reduces cost and wastage of materials, but pays a befitting tribute to the rich heritage of the…

8 Airy Homes with Giant Glass Walls That Open to Courtyards

Living Room Overlooking a Swimming Pool

In theater, the term “breaking the fourth wall” refers to when a character ignores the invisible barrier between the stage and the audience to address showgoers directly, creating a whole new world of possibilities for the storyline. In architecture, opening up an opaque wall and replacing it with retractable glass can have much the same effect, especially when an outdoor oasis lies in wait on…

The Best DIY Projects for Spring

DIY floral sign from Skunkboy

This roundup has been in the works for awhile, as we at Decoist love getting inspired by the creativity of other design bloggers as much as we enjoy creating our own DIY projects. With a warm breeze in the air, now is the time to enjoy refreshing afternoons outdoors, and we can’t think of a better way to pass the time than crafting. Here are…

Urban Treehouse: A Relaxing Hub of Stylish Sustainability!

Innovative Urban Treehouse by Baumraum in Berlin

How many times have you thought about packing your bags and getting away from the rush in the middle of a frenzied week? Surely we all dream about that relaxing holiday where we are surrounded by the tranquility of nature and a simple, stress-free lifestyle. Well, the innovative folks at Baumraum decided to turn this ‘dream holiday’ into an everyday lifestyle choice that allows homeowners…

Intriguing Exterior and an Expansive Interior Shape Audacious Aldo House

Atrium coupled with the skylight bring in a flood of natural light

A stunning home that brings the outdoors inside with its wonderful use of skylights, a beautiful atrium and a gigantic folding glass wall system, the Aldo House in Ontario, Canada is a spectacular study in innovative design. Conjured up and brought to life by Prototype Design Lab, the elegant contemporary home is as special on the outside as it is on the inside. Comprising three volumes…

25 Bedrooms That Showcase the Rustic Charm of Sliding Barn Doors

Bunk beds and sliding barn doors in the rustic bedroom

The last few years have seen a steady increase in the desire of homeowners to move away from cookie-cutter design and glossy, contemporary interiors towards a more unassuming, stripped-down style. This has resulted in a phenomenal increase in home renovation projects that pay homage to their simpler past, adaptive reuse of structures and materials in the most brilliant fashion, and a partial revival of styles…

Cups, Glasses and Flutes: Refreshing Drinkware Options for Spring

Pink cylinder champagne flutes from CB2

Entertaining this spring? With the dreary outdoor hues of winter turning to vibrant greens, pinks and other bloom-fabulous shades, it’s time to introduce some color to the table. Whether you enjoy entertaining outdoors or the interior of your home serves as dinner party central, check out these refreshing cups, glasses and flutes that take drinkware to the next level… Cups Like taking a dreamy vacation to…

Renovated Portland Home Brings Vintage Industrial Style with Energy-Efficiency

Stacked firewood doubles as an artistic addition in the living area

Our choices in home design are often influenced by nostalgia, the neighborhood that we grew up and live in, and of course, the architects and artists who touched our lives. Having spent most of their lives in New York in a period when ‘loft renovations with distinct industrial style’ were the hip trend, this retired couple wanted a similar residence in Portland, Oregon. Having found…

Bright Single-Family Home in Sydney Combines Privacy with Chic Elegance

Bondi Home in Sydney by LSA Architects

Think of Bondi in Sydney, Australia, and it is the images of sun, sand and surf that come to mind immediately. The bustling neighborhood is obviously renowned for its beaches across the world, but today we turn our interest toward the gorgeous Bondi Home redesigned by LSA Architects, complete with loads of contemporary flair. The single-family house was revamped to bring the outdoors inside while…

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