Tantalizingly Tuscan: Luxurious Malibu Villa Enchants with Mediterranean Magic

Arched windows and limestone-inspired paint give the living room a modern Mediterranean style

The name Malibu invokes images of beautiful beaches, plenty of sunshine, high-end oceanfront property and of course the endless line of Celebs that seem to constantly move in and out of the famous coastal strip. Most of Malibu’s beach houses, villas and luxury homes are all about contemporary Californian style that has organically evolved from the late 60s and early 70s. But this beautiful and…

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18 Entryways with Captivating Mirrors

Very small entryway with just enough room for a shelf and a mirror above it

The entryway really sets the tone for a visitor’s first impression and what they might expect when they enter a home. Whether your entryway is big or small, it’s always worth investing a little time and money into some furniture and accessories that really make it look great. Mirrors are perfect for entryways because they help brighten things up by reflecting light (even when there aren’t…

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Unique Christmas Ideas That Celebrate Modern Design

Whimsical holiday decor from CB2

The weekend after Thanksgiving is a popular time to begin decorating the house for the holidays. Are you looking for some unique Christmas ideas to spruce up the holiday decor you display year after year? Try adding some modern flair into the mix. Today’s featured projects and decorating concepts are unexpected, unforgettable, and all-around fabulous! Keep reading to discover holiday inspiration of the modern kind……

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50 Cool and Creative Shabby Chic Dining Rooms

Shabby chic coupled with cool eclectic brilliance in the dining room

When have you last looked at your dining room with the intent to redecorate or even renovate? Increasingly, the dining room is becoming an unwanted space in contemporary homes, where it is either the kitchen that doubles as a dining nook or the living room with the TV hogging the spotlight. While the dedicated dining room might be fading away, many of us still have…

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Wavy Modern Extension Enlivens 1920s Californian Bungalow in Hobart

Beautiful modern extension to traditional home in Hobart

Sandy Bay in Hobart is renowned for sunshine, surf and beautiful beaches. But the gorgeous Winscombe Extension brings forth a totally different kind of wave, as its latest addition moves away from rigid, straight lines and embraces a more fluid silhouette. The 1920s Californian Bungalow was in urgent need of a smart and contemporary extension that not only added to its living space, but also…

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12 Festive Gifts Family and Friends Will Want to Keep

Kay Bojesen Songbird Alfred and Wooden Elephant

As we approach that festive season of giving and taking, let’s pause for a moment to reflect on our need to satiate our irrational desire to make each and every Christmastime a tasteless, trashy and tawdry affair. Think about that gift list and cross off any item that is likely, post December 25th, to find itself binned, broken or taking up residence in the nearest charity shop. Instead, give…

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Rediscover the Past: 11 Cozy Kitchens Inspired by the Shabby Chic Trend

Natural beauty of the woodsy kitchen island stands in contrast with the refined backdrop

In the last few months we have shared with you some of the best shabby chic kitchens and bedrooms from across the planet. It is a style that has found new wings in the last few years, with homeowners finally dusting off those old, vintage furnishings and allowing them to once again shine in the spotlight. Today we bring to you more inspiration, as the…

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Make This Easy Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece

Today we’re exploring the wonders of affordable holiday style! Kate here, and I’m excited to share this easy Thanksgiving centerpiece that is anchored by a bouquet of grocery store flowers. Yes, the cost of the flowers was only $3.99! Take a budget-friendly bundle of mixed blooms and turn it into a decadent focal point for your Thanksgiving table. Read on for details, including special accents that…

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Solar Panels and Eco-Sensitive Design Create Smart Home in Sonoran Desert

Fabulous entry bridge also acts as a lovely walkway surrounded by the arid landscape

Nestled in the arid landscape of the Sonoran Desert, this contemporary residence aims to find that perfect balance between an inviting living environment and responsible architecture that takes into account the existing ecosystem. Designed by Kevin B Howard Architects, the house sits on a lot that contains watershed patterns, and the challenge of working the home around these without impeding them determined the desert dwelling’s…

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Holiday Banner Ideas to Showcase Your Cheerful Message

Be Merry traditional holiday banner in simple red and white

When the holidays roll around, there’s an endless amount of ways to decorate your home. Banners are typically used for events like weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, going away parties, family reunions, and other types of celebratory events, but why stop there? They can look just as great for bigger holiday events too — including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And perhaps best of all, they’re super…

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