Solar Panels and Eco-Sensitive Design Create Smart Home in Sonoran Desert

Fabulous entry bridge also acts as a lovely walkway surrounded by the arid landscape

Nestled in the arid landscape of the Sonoran Desert, this contemporary residence aims to find that perfect balance between an inviting living environment and responsible architecture that takes into account the existing ecosystem. Designed by Kevin B Howard Architects, the house sits on a lot that contains watershed patterns, and the challenge of working the home around these without impeding them determined the desert dwelling’s…

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Holiday Banner Ideas to Showcase Your Cheerful Message

Be Merry traditional holiday banner in simple red and white

When the holidays roll around, there’s an endless amount of ways to decorate your home. Banners are typically used for events like weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, going away parties, family reunions, and other types of celebratory events, but why stop there? They can look just as great for bigger holiday events too — including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And perhaps best of all, they’re super…

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Dazzling Feast: 21 Creatively Fun Ways to Light Up the Dining Room

Colorful orbs above the dining table breathe life into the curated, contemporary dining room

In a world where the dedicated, formal dining room is becoming a rarity of sorts, with modern, more open dining spaces replacing it, there is little wonder that dining room lighting has changed over the decades. The large crystal chandelier at the heart of the dining room is far from the norm these days, with homeowners gravitating towards more exciting, inventive and at times, colorful…

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15 Laundry Spaces That Cleverly Conceal Their Unsightly Appliances

Washer and dryer hidden in closet with beautiful dark wooden doors

Let’s face it — it’s hard to make a washer and dryer look nice. Unless you have the space for a big, fancy laundry room and the budget for some very high-end appliances, those awkward and box-like machines you throw your clothes into all the time rarely look outstanding in any situation. The solution? Cover them up as best you can. Here are a few…

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Tasteful Fusion: Vivacious Remodeling of 1880s Montreal Row House

Bright accent wall in yellow stands out in the black and white interior of the Quebec home

Transforming a traditional row house that dates back to 1880 into a contemporary home that serves the needs of a modern family is a task that requires a careful balance of form and function The space available is indeed limited, creating another dimension to the design conundrum, and it does take a hint of creativity along with an understanding of the building’s past to get…

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20 Garland Ideas for the Holidays

Preserved boxwood garland

It’s garland season, folks, and regardless of your budget, it’s easy to add some festive trim to your home for the holidays. Whether you’re looking to impress with fresh greenery, or you simply want to use some leftover craft supplies to whip up a DIY garland in about an hour, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the projects that follow. Check them out, and…

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3 Firms Making Outstanding Contemporary Modular Homes

Vipp Shelter in Autumn

The modular home is typically a purpose-built dwelling, made and assembled in a factory setting. The finished abode is transported as a whole module to a predetermined location where it is then fixed in place and attached to various utilities. There are of course many examples of modular homes where design is evidently a careless afterthought: failing to impress or inspire, such habitats accord little more than a roof…

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Bibliophile Nirvana: 25 Dining Rooms That Serve Up a Good Read

Colorful collection of wishbone chairs and gorgeous gray bookshelves add to the charm of this dining room

The holiday season is a time for merry decorations, good food and great company. And great company need not be just friends and family, as the brilliant array of dining rooms on display today showcase! It is time to finally let your vast book collection see daylight and shun those dusty old cabinets for brilliant bookshelves that create a dynamic and colorful backdrop in the…

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Floatwing: Modular, Prefabricated Houseboat Offers an Exciting Escape!

Floor-to-ceiling glazing surrounds the living area of the houseboat

How often have you gone on a holiday wishing you could carry your home along with you? Friday, a firm that specializes in all things nautical, has come up with a fabulous floating house that brings alive this dream, as it promises to turn your weekends into a dreamy, dynamic journey on water! Dubbed Floatwing, this elegant and sustainable houseboat can easily hold a couple…

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The Beauty of Suspended Lighting

Linear suspension featuring a cluster of glass forms

Suspended lighting is like jewelry for your interior. But unlike typical necklaces, these pendants illuminate your space! From chandelier-style statements to lighting that’s attached to sleek structures in bar formation, the featured selections in today’s post represent the best in modern lighting. Below you will find some of our favorite suspended lights (including simple yet bold pendant lights), with links to purchasing information when possible….

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