Classy Contemporary Kitchen Offers Refined, Innovative Space Solutions

Sophisticated kitchen composition with smart snack area

There is absolutely no doubting the fact that the kitchen has always been the heart of the house and its undeniable driving force. But the current crop of innovative designers is turning it into the heart and soul of the contemporary home, even as exciting open-floor living plans are putting it under the spotlight. Scavolini has shown us their ability to produce stunning social kitchen…

Create An Eye-Catching Gallery Wall

Creative gallery wall in the living room

The gallery wall–it has the power to be the focal point of your space. And why shouldn’t it?! A well-placed collection of artwork is definitely worth a second look! But what does it take to make a gallery wall truly unforgettable? That’s the very question this post hopes to answer. Kate here, and I’m in the middle of designing a gallery wall for my bedroom….

Terra: Revolutionary, Recyclable Outdoor Decor Collection That Purifies Air!

Eco-friendly and sustainable outdoor decor collection from Tribu

We often talk about eco-friendly decor additions and sustainable style, which try their very best to ensure that they do not hurt the environment, and that they become a natural extension of their surroundings. But we rarely come across furnishings that actually benefit the planet and make it a cleaner and better place. Designed with an exquisite flair and a revolutionary outlook by Belgian designer…

Scandinavian Design Lessons: Trendy Apartment in Vasastan!

Noguchi table blends in with the chic scandinavian style of the room

When it comes to homes in Stockholm, the one design style that we come across most often is naturally the Scandinavian. In fact, we sometimes wonder if there is some rule in the city that says every new homeowner has to start with Scandinavian style by default! Yet it is understandable why so many homes, not just in the region but across the globe, are…

DIY Chic & Creepy Halloween Drink Stir Sticks!

DIY Creepy Halloween Drink Stir Sticks Idea

Decorating for Halloween can be a tricky thing, can’t it? I mean, we’re so used to seeing the typical spider webs or skulls attached to things, and let’s face it – they can look cheesy, despite their awesome Halloween creepiness! Halloween should be allowed to be chic, too! Well, I’m here to tell you that it can be creepy AND chic! Now just imagine these…

Modern Mirror Display Ideas

Clouds and palms

Ready to reflect on the chic power of mirrors? The mirrors in today’s post are sleek, clean-lined and super affordable. If you’re looking for an easy way to add modern flair to your interior, consider purchasing a geometric mirror for a few dollars, then creatively displaying it. Because it’s the styling that makes all the difference! Taking my cue from the recent revival of still…

Vienna Design Week 2014: Quick Guide!

Glimpse into Vienna Design Week 2014

The biggest design festival in Austria is headed into its action-packed second week, where the best designers and artists from across Europe are set to showcase their latest creations and set the tone for the hottest trends in the next few months. With the Vienna Design Week 2014 hitting its stride, Decoist will be there to cover the entire event and to give its readers…

Innovative Contemporary Italian Kitchens Charm With Timeless Design

Classic decor additions and smart lighting shape small dining area in the kitchen

One of the defining qualities of a smart and handsome modern kitchen is the ability to make your life a lot easier and add visually to the appeal of our home. Val Design is renowned for producing some stunning contemporary kitchens that bring together the timeless brilliance of Italian craftsmanship and the necessities of the current urban lifestyle. Two new additions to their glittering collection…

9 Ways To Add Mediterranean Magic To Your Modern Bedroom

Stunning Mediterranean style bedroom with a breathtaking view! [Design: Decker Bullock Sotheby's International Realty]

Few design styles capture romantic beauty, images of idyllic seaside retreats, sparkling white sand and plenty of sunshine like the Mediterranean. Inspired by the region, its unique blend of cultures and rich heritage, modern Mediterranean style is in reality a fusion of the best elements borrowed from Spain, Italy, Greece and other North African nations that were closely linked to France. And while most often…

10 Cozy Rooms Filled With Texture

Textured bedroom with abundant plants

It’s official–fall is here! Crisp mornings and chilly evenings are making an appearance, along with the promise of beautiful foliage in the coming weeks. I don’t know about you, but fall energizes me more than it makes me want to cocoon. Yet even I can’t help but relish a rainy fall afternoon at home (or a night on the couch with a hot chocolate). In…

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