SaiGon House: Cherishing Traditions, Nature and Family Values!

Block styled arrangement of various living units inside the house

International style and architecture are all about bringing together the best of different cultures, traditions and regional flavors where one combines with the other seamlessly. And while modern and contemporary styles often seem to have little room for local flair, this particular home in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam takes a completely different approach to design, as it places local design principles and the specific…

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Project b95: Urban Infill Epitomizes Elegantly Cultural Diversity of Calgary

Stylish Modern Infill in Calgary by Beyond Homes

Modern infills are a distinct and integral part of the landscape in Downtown Calgary, and they are sough-after residences that appeal to the aesthetics and lifestyle choice of the urbane Calgary denizen. Project b95 fits this billing perfectly, as it combines a curated modern ambiance with design elements inspired by different cultures across the planet. Reflecting the multicultural heritage of the neighborhood that it sits…

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Rainbow Shine: Iridescent and Holographic Decor

Prisma light from Urban Outfitters

Coming soon to an interior near you…playful decor with a rainbow effect! Have you noticed the iridescent and holographic trends that are taking the fashion and DIY worlds by storm?! Now it’s time for these trends to move into the realm of interior design. Today we take a look at a collection of items that shimmer and shine. It’s iridescent and holographic style for your…

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Contemporary Rio Residence Brings the Outdoors Inside with Inventive Design

Dark exterior and unique roof of RT House conceal its more expansive interior

Building codes, local norms and unique requirements of homeowners often lead to ingenious and elegant modern homes that delight us with a little bit of unexpected spunk. Nestled in Laranjeiras, a part of Rio de Janeiro that is renowned for its relaxing backdrop and posh presence, the RT House is one of those creative homes that digs deep to give its residents everything they dreamed…

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Fitting in with Every Style: Gorgeous Dining Rooms with Stone Walls

Fabulous eclectic dining room with distressed wood and stone wall

The last few seasons have seen homeowners veer towards design and decorating ideas that embrace more natural textures and create an organic vibe indoors. By all accounts, this is a trend that will continue to hold sway in 2016, and stone walls offer a unique timeless way to jump in on this bandwagon. Of course, not all of us have a stone wall at our…

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Columns, Pedestals and Other Tall Tables

Blue Lucite pedestal table from Jonathan Adler

Tall pedestal tables are having a design moment. Have you noticed?! Whether you use a pedestal to display a striking vase or your favorite plant, the result is bold. Would you expect anything less from a svelte furnishing?! Since we’re seeing a return of the pedestal (with a modern twist), today we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite columns and tall tables. Make one, buy…

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50s Décor Meets Modern Flair Inside Rejuvenated Brazilian Penthouse

Local artwork and sculpture is a big part of this revitalized home

Surrounded by mountains and nestled in one of greenest belts of Brazil, Belo Horizonte is a city that combines the native beauty of the land with urban affluence and modern style. Reflecting this unique blend to absolute perfection is the gorgeous Top House – a two-and-a-half-decade-old penthouse that has acquired a new lease on life thanks to Celeno Ivanovo. The first floor is where the…

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The Tire Shop Project: Inventive and Sustainable Live-Work Studio in Montreal

Exposed ceiling beams, spiral staircase and decor give the interior an industrial touch

One of the biggest misconceptions with ‘green design’ is that one needs to put in plenty of effort, completely overhaul their home and rely on fancy gadgets and cutting-edge technology to do their part in making the planet a cleaner and safer place. But the fabulous Tire Shop Project in Montreal crafted by Mark+Vivi showcases the true meaning of the word ‘sustainable’ as it turns…

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Living Room Design Trends Set to Make a Difference in 2016

Contemporary living room with industrial and scandinavian touches

It is that time of the year again when we try to shake off the holiday season blues and find our way back to work and a lifestyle that is far less frantic and festive. This is also the time when most homeowners think about a quick home makeover as they try and incorporate decorative pieces and design elements that will stay in touch with…

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Bring Living Room Style to Your Powder Room

Sputnik chandelier in a white bathroom

Houzz recently shared 25 design trends expected to make an impact in 2016, and among them are “bathrooms that feel more like living spaces.” From stylish wallpaper to bold chandeliers, a few strategic statements can make the powder room much more than a practical space. Bonus points if you have room for a comfy chair or a fireplace! For those of us who don’t have much…

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Small Apartment in Taipei City Embraces Understated Modernity

Dark living room wall with cabinets and wall mounted TV

When you have a small home, the most natural reaction is to make the most of the available space and also give the interior a cheerful, airy vibe using light colors and neutral hues. But apartment Chen in Taipei City takes an opposite approach, as it turns its modest living area into a modern and minimal setting where black is the color that makes the…

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5 Design Trends to Look out for in 2016

New tropical bedding from CB2

The new year brings a new set of design trends to enjoy, but not all of them are brand new. In fact, some trends (such as mixed metallics) have been in the works for years, but this season’s design climate has taken them to new heights. With new collections emerging in the design lineups of many of our favorite brands, we couldn’t help but take…

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House of Ideas: Incredible Fusion of Art, Sculpture and Eclectic Genius!

Custom decor, designer touches and brilliant shades of blue define the House of Ideas in Kiev

There are few tasks that are as pleasingly challenging for an architect and designer duo as designing their own home. Nestled in Kiev and filled with energy, excitement and ingenious custom décor, House of Ideas was crafted by Sergey and Vlada Makhno with a vision to accommodate their best, most memorable creations. With a neutral backdrop in white, black and shades of gray, the apartment…

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15 Ridiculously Unique Ideas for Bookends

Concrete planters with small built-in planters

In the dead of winter, I’m a big fan of staying inside and curling up with a good book. A book collection is one of those rare things that you can just keep on expanding, as long as you have the shelving for it! If you have open shelves, not only is using a couple of bookends a great way to keep your books in…

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Beating Post-Holiday-Season Blues: 7 Ways Your Home Can Help!

Minimal decorating idea looks great beyond the holiday season

With the wonderful, festive and fun holiday season coming to a close, many of us are left holding on to the last fleeting moments of joy desperately, and it is that time of the year when post-holiday-season blues are at their strongest. The first few days are definitely the hardest to handle, and even experts who regularly deal with post-vacation blues agree that for many,…

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