Affordable and Stylish Second Dwelling: One-Bedroom Home in Brisbane

Twin chairs, cowhide rug and sleek TV stand in the breezy living room

For those who haven’t heard of the term ‘Granny flat’, it is a self-contained home that provides separate living quarters for the elders in the family. Located on the same lot as the main home, these detached structures offer privacy for everyone involved while bringing the entire family together. Do not be fooled by the name though, as this secondary dwelling can be used by…

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50 Enchanting Ideas for the Relaxed, Rustic Bathroom

Antler light and large windows provide a balance of natural and artificial lighting

Simplicity wrapped in natural goodness and a hint of unpolished elegance – Rustic style is for those who wish to move away from the mundane urban world that surrounds them. It is a style that brings home raw wooden surfaces, natural stone at its captivating best and pops of metal that offer a touch of glitter and glam. At its core the classic rustic style…

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Chill Out in These Hammocks for Any Space

Stylish Triple hammock

Just so you know, hammocking is a verb. It’s what it means to engage in the act of half-dreaming, half-sleeping that only rocking gently in a hammock can induce in the relaxing human. Summer is the best time for hammocking, because even if it’s hard to catch a breeze, a rock in a hammock will bring one to your sweaty brow—but don’t be limited, you…

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Creating a Seamless Flow Between Home and Garden

Outdoor lounge area with potted plants

Today’s post is dedicated to the seamless blend of home and garden areas! There’s nothing like a home that celebrates the beauty of greenery both indoors and outside. The really spectacular dwellings create a natural flow, bringing interesting plants indoors, creating design-fabulous vignettes and views where possible, and cultivating enchanting outdoor spaces. The interiors and gardens below are eye-catching in their impressive blend of plants,…

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Jaw-Dropping Yacht Interiors and Decor That Blow You Away!

Living room of the MySky

A yacht interior is a true design challenge; you have somewhat limited space, sure. But even tougher is the fact that your whole space is going to move—maybe quite a bit, depending on the whims of the ocean. So interior design for yachts is not for the faint of heart, and that’s why, for the most part, it’s a (very) specialized niche. But with limitations…

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Watch Hill House: Exquisite Weekend Getaway Wrapped in Cedar and Slate

Slate wall with bookshelves acts as the accent addition in the chic Midcentury Modern living room

How many times have you dreamt of getting away from the busy city life and taking a quick break in a lovely retreat that is both comfy and secluded? Well, it is exactly in times like this that a weekend home comes in handy, and this gorgeous delight from Westerly, Rhode Island promises to blend a relaxed contemporary style with natural beauty. The elegant Watch…

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5 Summer Patios That Showcase Chic Backyard Design

Backyard patio lounge with a pergola

Summer is here–time to shine the spotlight on some stunning patios that enhance the design of the backyards they inhabit! Flowing curtains, lush planter arrangements and modern furnishings are a few of the flourishes you’ll find in the spaces below. Kate here, and these five featured patios are my current obsession. Ready to learn more about what goes into creating the ultimate in patio style?…

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50 Chic Scandinavian Living Rooms That Steal the Show!

Vintage trunk turned into a coffee table in the Scandinavian living room [From: Holly Marder]

We will readily admit that we are consumed by the simplicity and the understated beauty of Scandinavian style. It is arguably one of the easiest styles to pull off if you have the discipline to do away with clutter and an eye for practicality. Quality precedes quantity here, and frugality is interlaced with sophistication and minimalism! While we already featured 50 fascinating home offices drenched…

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Storage-Friendly Accessory Trends for Kitchen Countertops

Basket on the Kitchen Counter

There’s a lot more that goes on in the kitchen than just cooking. For many homeowners, it’s the main room where they spend their time eating, entertaining, reading, relaxing, and even working. With all that activity taking place, it’s not all that uncommon to watch your kitchen countertops slowly but surely become completely covered in clutter over the course of just a few days. So if you’re tired of…

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Living a Dream Next to the Ocean: Sensational Malibu Beach House

Brilliant lighting adds to the splendor of the stylish beach house

The iconic Malibu beach brings to mind images of sunshine, surf and a world of affluence that is almost unmatched. Arguably the hottest real estate on the Pacific coastline, it is home to stars and celebrities, and “the BU” is indeed the place to be once summer hits the Sunshine state! Located in the heart of this bustling hub of activity and spread across 5,700…

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